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  1. Oct 2019
    1. Greeley Tribune, Colo.

      That's what I get for not reading the "extra" text at the bottom, had to figure this out the hard way.

    2. people say they can't do yoga because they aren't flexible

      Addressing a common concern, one that I had as well. In my opinion this section keys in on what I think is the main point of the article. Which is to generally inform the people of Greeley about the benefits of yoga, but also to encourage new clients with Yogi's in the area (supporting local businesses).

    3. It can help people learn how to slow down racing thoughts and control their mind.

      Meditation, or understanding the "monkey mind."

    4. Yoga can benefit any age group, too

      Generally informative, using facts and information to appeal to readers of any age or activity level.

    5. cortisol, a hormone response to stress

      Cortisol is the hormone that does everything we don't want it to. It wakes us up, suppresses the immune system, and also tells the cells in our bodies to make sugar, fat, and protein available for the body to consume it (since stress is very much a physically taxing process).

    6. Lauryn Near


      She lists herself as a Wellness Coordinator, which is a person who develops a fitness and dietary plan either at a gym or another type of wellness facility. Sounds like a personal trainer that is knowledgeable about fitness and nutrition. (Whole body treatment)

    7. Greeley

      Despite ProQuest saying this is a Chicago article, it's actually Greeley, Colorado.

    8. 26 Mar 2017

      Article was originally published to Greeley Tribune on March 25, 2017. Tribune Content Agency Regional News appears to be a catalog of articles that have been screened by an editing team?


    9. Ragan, Kelly

      Young Author based out of Colorado, works for Book Launchers now but used to work for the Greeley Tribune, where this article as originally published. Greeley Tribune is the local news outlet for Greeley, CO.

    10. control her breathing

      Breathing exercises, given how exhausting cardio can be it's probably not to dissimilar to paced breathing.

    11. "I cried I felt so at peace," Tapkey said. "I finally let things go."

      Ragan is using the experience of another to appeal to our emotions. Most of us will imagine that kind of relief falling off of our shoulders, and how wonderful we think it'd be.

    12. knows how to better control her panic attacks and knows why they happen

      When I talk to Zoe about my own panic attacks, she describes how the amygdala becomes alarmed and triggers a stress response, even if there is no real danger. She calls this "emotional hijacking,"and we practice recognizing tension in the body so that we learn our own personal "alarm" signals.