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  1. Oct 2015
    1. The idea of Brian Kin Stefans is a mix of other groups of media: artistis, writers, music works, animators,etc. This differents 'faces' represent the discipline

    1. The search for terms: terms hypertext fiction, electronic literature, digital literature, digital poetry and e-poetry. It´s a good list to search but should add e-lit, e-literature. It´s hard to define the number of produces because the content replication. The effort of define the produtions of e-lit are glorious

    1. What is the context of this definition? Does it account for other perspectives? The context is the new born people in the digital word. Where more and more people don´t learn more how to handwrite. And create more content in digital media. It´s acoount for a new perspective and form of interaction with art and so a new form to Interact with a explantation of the word.

    1. Its a good text. The e-lit is not only writing, but most, sounds ,images are used like complements, or in the other way the text is the complement

    2. It´s good know that are a organization that care with the e-lit.