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  1. Apr 2015
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    1. The law limits the responsibility of a school to only disabled students who can come to school.

      $$\pi ^ 3$$

    1. H o w ev er , if no ti ce is ex ec ut ed af te r th e m ee ti ng , th e 36 w ai v er m us t al so st at e in g en er al te rm s th e pu rp o se o f th e 37 m ee ti ng

      This is the change to this section



    1. International Standard Bibligraphic Description

      I don't make clear where ISBD begins and AACR2 ends.

  3. Mar 2015
    1. Again, FRBR is a CONCEPTUAL MODEL. It was never meant to provide concrete rules for every eventuality a cataloger will face.

      The focus is on user tasks... http://www.loc.gov/cds/downloads/FRBR.PDF page 3

    1. FRBR’s model shows us how important such role informa- tion is for performing user tasks and for assisting a user to navigate through the bibliographic universe
    2. On Page 4...

      The diagram shows that there is a gradation of variation for work move to a new work.

  4. Feb 2015
    1. returns NaN

      Is this the easiest way to get NaN in Javascript?

    1. My smart TV lets me listen to international radio stations. I can head over there to listen to German or Arabic or anything else. English learners could benefit from the same with English language stations.

    1. it's not high enough.

      How about anti-matter?

    1. should support work in any discipline based on textual material

      How broadly do they define "textual material"?

    2. interchange forma

      Communication methodology

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