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  1. Jan 2021
    1. Exercise Guidelines

      I've found these exercises work best with time limits.

    2. faculty designer.

      I think I need more. I'm not a faculty designer, so...where does that leave me? Also, do you mean course designer?

    1. probing questions and the faculty needs to ask design question

      This mighjt be a good place to supply examples of what a course-design question might look like and what a subject-matter question might be.

    2. sciences

      just for the sciences? Or do you mean, "For instance, as we're building a course for the sciences,"....

    3. The following were developed to afford groups made up of any disparate number of higher education team members to engage in

      "These exercises and activities are designed to support growth..." then.. "They can be used by groups of any number number of team members working in higher education." Shorter sentences better.

    1. workshop engagements

      not sure what this means yet.

    2. This text is a less about Going Further and more about Getting Started: By using (or even better, adapting and remixing) this text as the floor plan for enrichment or development, we can and ought to be critical of our work under the guise of improving student experiences.

      move up? feels top-line.

    3. even better, adapting and remixing

      hmmm. why is adapting and remixing "even better"?

    4. Going Further and more about Getting Started

      do these need to be capped?

    5. With the future in flux for all of higher ed, especially in more marginalized settings such as all-women and historically black colleges and universities, this type of collaboration is not only a positive step, but highly encouraged.

      I think I'd move this up to your intro.

    6. oward an efficient, effective, appealing, engaging and inspiring acquisition of knowledge.

      I think here I'd like to see a concrete example.

    7. Teaching in 2021, in the midst of a pandemic that is causing serious and widespread disruption to student attention,

      Is that just in 2021? Or does 2020-2021 just underscore what you have known for a long time?

    8. , faculty in higher education need to attend to culturally relevant pedagogy, Universal Design for Learning, guidance on up-to-date standards (such as the ISTE Standards for Educators), and providing authentic assignments and activities while considering how surveillance technologies – think proctored exam software and the requirement to have cameras ‘on’ during meetings – are seen increasing anxiety in our students [1, 2], attending to student concerns, and – hopefully – keeping up with their own mental health.

      this is a suuuuper long sentence and there are a number of ideas in it. Suggest breaking it down.

    9. put

      let, i think. right?

    10. ional designers work tog

      "can" or "should" work together, yes?

    11. flow without being cognitively overwhelming

      "flow" doesn't seem to be directly counterintuitive to cognitive, uh, whelm. Like, they're not mutually exclusive.

    12. need their student to learn

      ...want to see a student absorb. (we don't so much "learn" information as we take it in.)

    13. – such as library, accessibility, and information technology departments

      ...larger university community, and includes the university's library, accessibility..."

    14. main contact person for many students

      Do you feel like being the main contact person for many students also encompasses the unique capacity faculty members have to take the temperature of their individual classrooms and syllabi; understand at that level what the students need/are being asked to do?

    1. As with most professions, compassion fatigue is a real thing in the world of higher education.

      Not sure you need this line. Or, I'd use it and the resource parenthetically, at the end of this graf. "(Read more about compassion fatigue here." or something)

    2. eel free to adapt or remix the content for your own purposes.

      You don't want credit? Or credit for Bay Path?

    3. se of urgency in the constantly changing world of higher educatio

      Okay, but a sense of urgency to...do what?

    4. If you can teach someone how to teach, but can’t teach them how to learn, how do you teach them how to teach?

      I don't love this. But it's personal. I don't like circular reasoning quotes; they sound overly clever, as if they're trying too hard to make a point.