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  1. Aug 2021
    1. ClusterIP (default) - Exposes the Service on an internal IP in the cluster. This type makes the Service only reachable from within the cluster.

      Could I use this to expose services to other namespaces/projects?

  2. Sep 2020
    1. and then npm link hypothesis in the browser-extension repository

      npm link hypothesis - symlinks <browser-extension-repo>/node_modules/hypothesis to .nvm/versions/node/<version>/lib/node_modules/hypothesis which is symlinked to h client repo path.

    2. npm link in the client repository

      npm link - creates symlink in .nvm/versions/node/<version>/lib/node_modules/hypothesis -> <path-to-client-repo>

  3. Jul 2020
    1. this is a page note. What's the difference between a page note and an annotation?

    2. //find the genres for a particular movie MATCH (m:Movie {title:"The Matrix"}), (m)-[:IN_GENRE]->(g:Genre) RETURN g.name; //find which movies share genres MATCH (m1:Movie)-[:IN_GENRE]->(g:Genre), (m2:Movie)-[:IN_GENRE]->(g) RETURN m1, m2, g

      blah blah blah

    3. if we were to model our movies and genres as separate nodes and create a relationship between the two, we would come up with a model something like the image below.

      something else.

    4. much more complex query to find each

      This is an annotation. I had to restart the browser in order to make this work.

  4. Mar 2020