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  1. Mar 2021
    1. Circumstances varied from the state to state, but the dynamics were the same: first came biracial agrarian rebellion, then new constitutions, new restrictions, and a new equilibrium of white elite dominance over land, labor and capital.

      The author develops his final claim which is that after the Lodge Bill was dropped, many counties/states started to face similar problems, which ended as a result favoring the whites dominance. As a result, the author is stating that the filibustering of the Lodge's bill delayed the justice for African Americans and continued White segregationist policies.

  2. Feb 2021
    1. Devoted to Trump, and committed to his fictions about the election, Republicans are doing everything they can to keep voters from holding them and their leaders accountable. They will restrict the vote. They will continue to gerrymander themselves into near-permanent majorities. A Republican in Arizona has even proposed a legislative veto over the popular vote in presidential elections

      The author starts the paragraph by explaining the Republicans as people who are "devoted to Trump". This makes it seem as Trump were god and everyone has to follow his orders. It gives both a humorous appeal to the audience and illustrates to them the sly techniques that the Republicans are using to escape from punishment. Furthermore, when the author said that the Republicans were ready to propose a veto against the popular vote, it was very ironic. As senators, they are supposed to give constitutional rights to the citizens, but rather they are taking it away for their own purpose. This further emphasizes the extent at which Republicans do not want to lose power to the Democrats.

    2. naked attempt to change the rules of American politics to benefit one party”

      The previous paragraph emphasizes the benefits of the HR.1 and how it specifically helped restore the voting system. However, in this paragraph, McConell exclaims that it is a vague attempt to benefit one party even though the Act was created to benefit the public. This illustrates to the readers the misuse of power by republican senators, which is one of the author's main points.

    3. — and not to lose the next presidential election the way they lost the last one. To that end, they have introduced bills to restrict the vote, to make the race for the Electoral College — a

      The author uses multiple dashes in this paragraph to show the different ways that the republicans will go to stop the Democrats from gaining power. The dashes emphasizes the extent at which republicans are willing to restrict votes. Without the dashes, it would simply sound as an example of what Republicans are doing, but the dashes creates a pause and further emphasis. Also, from John Lewis, the claim shifted to the extreme techniques that Republicans are using to stop Democratic power from taking over.

    1. Our system has room for two major political parties. One of them, however imperfectly, at least attempts to govern. The other has devoted its energy to entertainment. It is a tragedy for the people of Texas that at this moment of danger, they have to deal with a government of showmen.

      The author finishes by once again restating his claim on explaining how the Republicans and some officials fail to fix the problem but rather creates more mistakes and arguments. The author developed his claim throughout the essay by adding contents to his argument as the essay goes on. For example, in here, he added the information about the Democrats to attribute that he recognizes their effort. Also, through the many examples that he provided, it makes the audience see the different ways that these officials have avoided conflict and brought up irrelevant information instead.

    2. In his Inaugural Address, President Biden urged “unity.” This wasn’t a call for bipartisanship. It was a plea to “lower the temperature” and to “see each other not as adversaries but as neighbors.”

      Biden is a democrat. For most of the essay, the author was looking on the republican side of the topic and addresses Democrats to show the audience that he understands that the Democrats are trying hard but their effort would not be enough unless everyone participates. I learned from the They Say, I say that it is important for a person to visualize both sides of the argument to make an argument of their own. They Say I Say book