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  1. Feb 2022
    1. 💡 Hold down the ⌥ key to see "Hook to New As..." One of Hook's handy commands is Hook to New. This creates a new item whose name is based on the name of the current resource. It hooks the new item to the source, stores the new item, and in some cases tags the new item. Amongst other things, this enables you to quickly take bidirectionally linked (hooked) notes about almost anything, while relieving you from the tedium of information management. If you'd like to customize the new item's name, hold down the option key while clicking on the title menu and select Hook to New As... or Hook to New <DefaultApp> As.... If you use them often, then you're in luck because these variants each have a keyboard shortcut. For more information, see All Commands & Shortcuts – Hook.
  2. Jun 2021
    1. Bayneet al.argue that consciousness is not a1D construct measured by levels of consciousness, but a multi-dimensional construct measured across several distinctdimensions
  3. May 2021
    1. On this view, spectrum inversion is a case of “sense-datum inversion”: when Invert looks at a violet she becomes acquainted with the kind of sense-datum Nonvert is acquainted with when he looks at a marigold. Setting this tendentious theoretical gloss aside, Locke’s scenario has three notable features. First, it is a case of spectrum inversion from birth. Second, it is a case of inversion within the same linguistic community. Third, it is (or is naturally read as being) a case in which Invert and Nonvert are behaviorally alike—a behaviorally undetectable spectrum inversion.

      inverted consciousness - cog sci

  4. Jan 2019