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  1. Aug 2021
    1. “The model should talk about customer service, centering basic needs, and the basic needs help students meet their academic needs,”
    2. “Students do not always meet the stereotype of 18 to 21 [years old]. We have parenting students, returning students, real college students,”
  2. Apr 2021
    1. In lieu of a four-year college, 16 percent of parents said they were interested in non-college vocational training and 22 percent said they preferred to see their children consider an array of other options, including starting a business, joining the military, getting a job or doing community service. Only 8 percent of parents said they would prefer a two-year community college, where more than a third of U.S. college students are enrolled and which also offer many vocational degrees and programs.

      In a strange way, perhaps, this could be a shift in the customer-based approach in U.S. colleges? Parents are the primary customers and it sounds like a significant proportion of them want a different product. Learners themselves are quite a different story, whether or not they're the ones who end up paying for their studies.