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  1. Nov 2015
    1. competitively priced

      I guess it depends on the reference. Elsevier is a business and will charge what the market will bear. As they should. So as scholars and researchers, how do we change what the market will bear? If, as is claimed by some of the new journals, e.g., Collabra, PeerJ, they can bring the cost way down, then when will the pressure be put on the commercial publishers to do the same. And when will we start to question what we get for the extra money?

    2. as the world’s third largest open access publisher,

      But aren't they the largest scholarly publisher? I'm not sure I would brag about this.

    3. We founded Lingua 66 years ago.

      According to this blog, this is not true.

    4. transfer ownership of the journal to the collective of editors

      Collection of editors, not an individual editor