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  1. Jan 2018
    1. It keeps them alert and active, instead of passive and receptive; it makes them more useful, more capable

      "They shouldn't be forced to learn them [derivatives] unless they are part of the solution to the problems they are faced or challenged with." This statement by ndsteinmetz made previously resonated with me.

      I am currently teaching a course to first-year college students that is designed to introduce them to a new culture and essentially "teach" students how to travel. I have made an intentional effort to "create context" (John Seely Brown) in which what we discuss in class has demonstrated real-world connects, consequences, etc.

      The issue I am having is that students are not able to see these connects, but rather expect me, as their instructor, to make the connections for them. My struggle is to begin to help them learn how to learn, instead of to teach them how to recall what I say.

      See: http://dmlcentral.net/the-global-one-room-schoolhouse-john-seely-brown/