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  1. Apr 2017
    1. Like money, the (thinging of the) techno-logical thing changes everything

      I've alluded to this earlier, but I'm fascinated by the saga of Juicero, a 400 dollar kuireg for juice, only you can hand squeeze the juice out of the packages. Which means that the only function of the Juicero itself is to connect that package with an internet database that tells you when the juice is expired. What's really interesting, though, is the investors grumbling that they wouldn't have invested in juice packs--internet of juice is sincerely what they wanted in the world.

    2. The name iLife itself suggests that these are not just a group of applications but something more fulsome, a range of digital practices that encompass one's life

      They seem to be picking up on a trend that would be exemplified in the Apple Watch, which was designed as part of a push to interface your home network of digital systems (TV, thermostat, $400 Juicer) through your phone, and controlled through a device strapped to your body.