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  1. Apr 2018
    1. "triangulating"

      triangulation is often used to indicate that two (or more) methods are used in a study in order to check the results of one and the same subject. In journalism you owuld do this by checking multiple credible sources to see if the information you found lines up and is relaiable.

    2. found that students use search engines as a parameter of trustworthiness. As long as a site is toward the top of a search engine's listings, many of this study's subjects considered it credible

      This can relate back to the supplementary article i read about fake news on facebook. People usually are more likely to trust news sources posted by their friends or family who may share ismilar political leanings so when coming across fake news on facebook they are less likely to question the source. A perfect example of this would be on my own facebook page where people post nonsense satire stories from fake news sites where often times when you click on the link it says the story is not real but based off the comments on the article you can tell most people are only sharing based off the headline and may skim over the details while sharing the article with friends on their page.

    3. The supplementary article i choose was "Debunking Fake News" by Eugene Kelly . In the article it tlaks about the spread of fake news information on facebook and how factcheck.org has agreed to