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  1. Oct 2019
    1. Trojan Horses for emancipation

      This is an interesting choice of metaphor. It hearkens back to a violent conflict--conquering and sacking a city--but is here used (I'm imagining) completely separate from that origin. I wonder, however, whether it can be fully separate from a meaning tied to a lack of knowledge (and consent) on the part of the person receiving it. Trojan Horses, for me, stand apart from self-determined action, so I doubt I'd choose this metaphor.

      That said, I think the idea of subtle and implicit invitations to step into new and better relationships with the world absolutely matches with the larger project here.

  2. Aug 2019
    1. neoliberalism has not only achieved dominance

      MWLB--personification of an ideology as something that asserts dominance, rather than something that reflects dominance? The whole idea of domination is itself antithetical to mutual agency.

    1. customers

      MWLB again, as I mentioned above.

    2. Yet bureaucratic jargon subtly shapes the expectations of students and teachers alike. On the first day of class, my colleagues and I — especially in the humanities, where professors are perpetually anxious about falling enrollment — find ourselves rattling off the skills our courses offer (“Critical thinking! Clear writing!”), hyping our products like Apple Store clerks.

      MWLB - "hawking" as education-is-a-consumer-good metaphor.

  3. May 2019
    1. show

      MWLB--probably a whole bunch of overlapping ones. "Learning is an object," in the show-and-tell sense of 'snow" or "Learning is a performance" in the show-me-your-dance-move sense, for starters.

      Per yoozh, what's obscured?

    2. I might as well use a letter grade if don’t explain why, offer descriptive feedback, or give the opportunity to level up.

      "Levels" at very least indicates an ordinal process (or a theoretically ordinal process).

    3. a snapshot

      Verisimilitude? Photography metaphor here doesn't seem to fit.

    1. (or whatever it is that is organized within the human mind)

      Metaphors We Live By: Basic orientational metaphor--minds are containers.

    2. lower

      Down Is Bad metaphor

    3. No person uses a process that is completely unique every time he tackles something new.

      Alternatively: Every process every person uses is completely unique every time.

      The difference between these positions is perceptual, not a feature of the system (except insofar as perceptions are emergent properties of those systems).

    4. Every process of thought or action is made up of sub-processes.

      Separable sub-processes.