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  1. Sep 2016
    1. From the first days of the form, its similarity to diaries pro-vided a ready comparison to that classic narrative tool, and easy ways to think about both production and consumption.

      I always thought of a blog relating to a journal or diary entry. Very fascinating point there.

    2. he blog-as-diary concept became recognizable enough to appear as a device in fiction. Bruce Sterling used this approach to tell a short story about a hyperlocal, yet very mobile, future. The blogger-narrator describes the rocky course of his engagement, while noting developments in net.art, social media, and general technology along the way

      Blogs are very helpful to get your ideas out and let others see what you have on your mind. I relate to Bruce Sterling, because I feel like blogs have a purpose and that's to tell a fascinating story.

    3. Blogs are diaries: This metaphor has been a powerful one, especially as a heuristic to explain the odd-sounding technology to newcomers.

      So I was right! My definition of a Blog would be, a website containing a writer's own experiences and observations.