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  1. Oct 2017
    1. All content used in the ATD OER degree pathways must have open license terms allowing unrestricted use, reuse, revision, and redistribution.

      All ATD OERDegrees course materials licensed for full 5R open access and use.

    2. Sixty-three percent of instructors said that developing a course with OER takes at least one and a half times as much time as a traditional course.

      63% instructors say developing OER course took 1.5x a traditional course. < This doesn't seem that high, given that a traditional course presumably uses an existing textbook or course materials. Is the level of effort less the second time the course is taught?

    3. Forty-two percent of instructors surveyed reported that they are very likely to promote use of OER to colleagues, while only a small percentage would not.

      42% instructors will promote OER further; few would not.

    4. More than half the instructors participating in the ATD initiative are new to OER, while 83% have experience teaching online and/or hybrid courses.

      50%+ instructors new to OER, but 83% taught online

    5. Launching OER Degree Pathways: An Early Snapshot of Achieving the Dream’s OER Degree Initiative and Emerging Lessons

      This is an early formal report on the findings of the ATD OER Degree program. I'm annotating as a part of the Open Education 2017 conference in Anaheim, where this snapshot was presented by Richard Sebastian and Rebecca Griffiths, and invite others to do the same. Im suing the opened17 tag, along with at tag related to this particular presentation there: opened17BXfW