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  1. Aug 2019
    1. Sen. Bernie Sanders

      Supporters of the "Single-payers" method.

    2. The cost of a single-payer system would depend upon its design, benefit levels, and scope of coverage.

      It is impossible to provide a specific costing method, but only general methods. How is design dependent? What is the benefit level of? and the range means the limit of the "Single-payer" system?

    3. A “single-payer” health system is a government-controlled health care system. Government is the “single-payer.” In most versions of single-payer, most private health insurance is either outlawed or restricted, and most public health programs are absorbed into the single, national health insurance program.

      Explain the "Single-payer" system.

    4. What Is Single-Payer?

      The question is about the meaning of "Single-payer".