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  1. Feb 2016
    1. But ALL is very rarely caused by one of these inherited mutations.

      SO although it may be inherited, the main cause is the mutation in the DNA sequence.

    2. Some people with certain types of cancer have inherited DNA mutations from a parent.

      s/o to selective breeding

    3. Translocations are the most common type of DNA change that can lead to leukemia

      chromosomes always mess up everything...

    1. bloodstream

      Approximately 3000 teens die every year from alcohol related car accidents.

      Don't drink and drive.

    2. surgical biopsies

      A biopsy is when a piece of tissue is removed from an area of the body, typically near an infection or "tumour", for analysis and examination.

    3. organs

      Organs are necessary. For consumption and digestion. This is not disturbing. This can be taken in multiple ways.