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  1. Mar 2018
    1. he Guardian, meaning that the intended audience for the piece is those who are intere


    2. d researchers or music artists may find this piece interesting because it is a look at the result of drug abuse and fame abu

      Researchers of what? Why use "People" magazine? Legitimate source?

    3. ts to use ethos to get her points across regarding the significance of AIDS in today’s society, as well as to raise awareness of a

      Interesting. Why such a focus on ethos, do you think?

    4. nger, Dies at 62.” 29 May 2011.

      Is this from a newspaper?

    5. esearcher who wants to fin


    6. dence using quotes from those who looked up to Sco

      Perhaps include one or two here? which ones might be useful to you?

    7. tended audience for this piece is the people interested in how violence and rap music correlate

      who reads this journal? what for?

    8. Jeanita W. Richardson and Kim A.


    1. The center image is of Gil Scott-Heron’s debut studio album “Pieces of a Man” released in 1971

      Is this naming or describing? What is left unsaid if you name something?

    2. His influence is reflected in this very quilt piece.

      objective description?