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  1. Apr 2024
    1. The series organizers worked hard to create a space that was inclusive, centered the experience and expertise of low-income women of color and reproductive justice organizations, and supported participation by mothers with infants and young children

      Otros principios: auto organización y auto gestión, espacios inclusivos, centrarse en la experiencia y la experticia de las personas involucradas (mujeres negras con bajos ingresos), principios propios, organizaciones de justicia reproductiva, participación, etc.

    2. “To hack open a device designed for obsolescence, and to repair it and upgrade it and then to share freely that knowledge about the device and its workings is a deviant act within the logics of cognitive capitalism. … The question is whether these initiatives … can connect to movements that are seeking pathways organized to alternative logics of sustainability and social justice.

      Esta cita es sugerente, qué es lo que pasa con el "capitalismo cognitivo"? ¿Cómo será el asunto con las otras formas del tardocapitalismo: plataformas, vigilancia, 24/7, de sociedades hiperindustriales, etc?