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  1. Oct 2016
    1. That this can be another chance for us to direct more of the conversations around teaching and learning and scholarship, rather than simply react to these persistent outside forces

      Many of the convos that happen at/around conferences very much do have the inside/outside dichotomies, which SUCKS.

      I often wonder if that tension is exactly what makes (or SHOULD make) education such an exciting field. Especially with so many internets out there nowadays.

      It is such a multi-faceted environment that reducing it to us vs them gives us targets/outcomes/objectives/metrics.

    2. we must be in control of our own destiny, not swept along by the “solutions” being handed to us

      This is paramount in many of the convos I've been a part of / eavesdropped on. It is also so intensely complicated/complex - so many moving parts and "site" specificity.