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  1. May 2019
    1. Nor do we consider one of the major reasons why schools and colleges overlook the intellectual potential of street smarts: the fact that we associate those street smarts with anti-­intellectual concerns. We associate the educated life, the life of the mind, too narrowly and exclusively with subjects and texts that  we consider  inherently  weighty  and academic.

      In a version of Graff's thesis statement or controlling idea, he makes the claim that knowledge of the "content" of education -- be it science, philosophy, literature, etc. -- isn't as important as the "form" of critical engagement, i.e., in the ability to gather and evaluate evidence and to compose and respond to intellectual arguments.

      • Do you agree with Graff's claims? Why or why not?
      • Highlight another section of Graff's essay that you might use as evidence to support your response to question #1. Explain how you could use it.
      • Be ready to discuss what consequences Graff's essay (and your ideas about it) could have about the way we organize education: in terms of assignments, grades, courses, etc.