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  1. Jan 2020
    1. socially damaging

      It is not the socialites that damage, it is the companies/lobbyists that damage the social contracts/constructs.

    2. In an illustration of how ill-matched the idea of privacy policies are with reality, a 2008 study found it would take the average American 40 minutes a day to read every privacy policy they encountered, at a cost of up to $5,038 a year in lost productivity.

      Are there any newer studies in this regard? What are the numbers now? Are they obfuscated?

  2. Aug 2017
    1. I need to change my study habits

      Forcing new mods of behaviour - thats defo what I want from my degree(s).

    2. There is also correlation, the students are learning, between perception and success.

      uhhhhh this is almost a poem or a Dandy Warhol lyric right?

    3. students could easily game the highlighting or note-taking functions. Or a student might improve his score by leaving his textbook open and doing something else.


    4. data

      "some data is more equal than other data"

    5. “It knows more than my mother.”

      So many fallacies at work now. Don't know where to start. This is one of the saddest sentences here though for sure.

    6. they

      huh - I take back what I said about the author - I don't think there is any irony happening here.

    7. CourseSmart said it knew of no problems with its software

      And one must always side with the machines. Always with the machines.

    8. they know the books are watching them


    9. notes on paper

      but don't trust the STs #amirite?

    10. manager needed better data

      because its made of people?

    11. reams of data

      Starting to wonder if David Streitfeld was sub-writing this whole thing. His rhetoric is quite dark and foreboding.

    12. they decline to say what, if anything, they will do with it


    13. help prepare new editions.

      Almost sounds like soylent green right?

    14. expressions on their faces

      but did they? really?

    15. even as critics question how well it measures learning

      assuming one can actually measure learning - like for real?

    16. Major publishers in higher education have already been collecting data from millions of students who use their digital materials

      not scary or foreboding at all #amirite?