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  1. Apr 2017
    1. They fell out of favor as more advanced graphics technology emerged.

      This is suprising. I still see gifs around the Internet. I still enjoy them because they are classic.

  2. Mar 2017
    1. because of their visibility, marginality, or their social status ― will bear the brunt of the deception and abuse more than others.

      !!!! Very important point because some people are more inclined to listen to these privileged people in contrast to marginalized people. (which highkey sucks but its the truth of the matter)

  3. Feb 2017
    1. An edit-a-thon is also unlike a regular meetup, which tends to be without a single goal and/or for socializing. In other words: an edit-a-thon is like a hackathon for Wikipedians (and definitely not like a telethon).

      I did not even think this was a thing. I usually think of big events for certain topics, and I do not necessarily think of the platforms that sponsor them.

  4. Jan 2017
    1. represents the author to that audience.

      you can't really GRADE ideas and thoughts of the author

    2. ’ How often do traditional ‘assignments’ misrepresent student interests, passion, and rigor?

      False idea of control- what we put out isn't entirely what we control (maybe it is something we usually wouldn't post if not asked to, maybe it is entirely out of our interests but we have to speak on it), it's controlled by the teacher despite the fact it may be our "own ideas" or whatnot

    3. The web is a network for conversations, and if students still see their audience as a teacher with a red pen, then nothing changes.

      A student needs to get past this idea to be successful, what are some ways we could encourage that?

    4. assigning papers or short answer assignments to be posted online through blogs.

      I had to do this for one of my classes in my first year. Because I was used to traditional paper assignments from high school, this made me uncomfortable and unsure if I should change my style of writing because it was on a blog. However, now that I have gotten used to it and had more experience with it, I am much more comfortable and empowered by it.

    1. I can focus my time and energy on the work I care about most.

      "less is more" ; quality vs. quantity ; value

    2. it’s also important that our best content appears in those search results. The things we want people to find when they look us up.

      It reminds me of the #6 Self-Branded Self. It is more about quality rather than quantity.

    3. When it happens, you will want content you created to appear early and often in the search results.
      • you should be in control of "your brand"
    4. Digital minimalism is a philosophy that helps you question what digital communication tools (and behaviors surrounding these tools) add the most value to your life. It is motivated by the belief that intentionally and aggressively clearing away low-value digital noise, and optimizing your use of the tools that really matter, can significantly improve your life.
      • value vs. unnecessary "things"
      • value is key
    1. It allows them to demonstrate their learning to others beyond the classroom walls

      Students are more likely to use this skill after college unlike the facts they memorize for exams and forget a week later

    2. other schools have picked up on the program’s relevance in today’s world 

      With this idea spreading, it could also help students when they are looking for employment after college. They would be able to tell potential employers they run their own domain, and refer them to it for things like online resumes or pages of their work that they have created.

    3. Students have control over the look and feel of their own sites, including what’s shared publicly.

      This independence and ability to control encourages student's creativity online. This gives students the ability to express themselves beyond what they do in the classroom

    4. These debates do not recognize the ways in which students have already developed rich social lives online and could use help,

      If anything young people are the forefront of figuring out and utilizing online presence. People working with technology are going to make mistakes, but we will not see there are mistakes until we do them. Students could only better with encouragement.

    5. digital citizenship: what students need to know in order to use technology “appropriately.”

      The technology is changing, so the rules will be constantly changing as well.