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  1. Apr 2019
    1. Personal, Cultural, Community Assets

      • Integrate and Influence


      • Latchkey Children: giving them after school programs to go to, offering more leadership or care in class.
      • Family life: supporting students from all types of home and giving them individualized attention based on their needs.

      Personal Assets:

      • Interests
      • Home Life
      • Sports
      • After school activities

      Cultural Assets:

      • Language
      • Religion
      • Clothing
      • Ethnicity
      • School culture

      Community Assets:

      • Community spaces used by the school
  2. Apr 2016
    1. Because it is personalized, everyone’s PLE will be unique. Because it is collaborative, information may be continually created and shared. In the workplace, designing a personal learning environment has the potential to partially replace conventional courses.

      I think this is interesting because it brings meaning to personal learning, while helping build knowledge in a collective. I wonder how different individuals help shape a collective understanding, and even shift its directions because of the questions they raise or the diverse experiences and background knowledge they have to offer.