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  1. Dec 2016
    1. The author says that consistency is important for design elements. That is something that I found true when making my presentation for the service learning project. Consistency, especially among headers is important for navigating a document.

    2. The header about "Complexity" is interesting, especially where the author says that the eye naturally seeks out the most "informative" areas of a visual display. First that was kind of poetic, and second that is good to have in mind when you want to emphasize a certain section of a webpage.

    3. Tuller- "Visual groupings have a significant effect on the semantic interpretations that users assign to the information" This quote is interesting and it makes me wonder if how groupings are interpreted also has to do with language. For example, in Hebrew you read from right to left so I wonder if that affects how someone that speaks/reads Hebrew would interpret other visual groupings besides text like groupings of images.

    4. When the author talks about chunking is helpful. In my service learning project I had to do a lot of chunking to make sure all the visual elements fit together well.

    5. Interesting when the author points out how blue is good for contrasts because of how our eyes work. It reminds me of the design lore article trying to find out if there is a basis for "good"design principles in science. Also, it makes me wonder if that is why Facebook makes use of so much blue.

    6. I actually used the tip to use a blue background helpful when I had to present for the final workshop draft because I was showing examples from white slides so I had to use another color to show contrast.

    7. The article talks about the use of a white background for text. This is interesting because I read somewhere that text on a screen actually requires more white space than on a physical page to be read as comfortably.

    8. There is a header on the first page that talks about the importance of legibility of text on the web. I just thought that was funny because this document is kind of hard to read.