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  1. Nov 2015
    1. Seph can focus on his schoolwork because he isn’t scoping out the rest of his class when he should be concentrating, she says. He isn’t anxious about being called on by the teacher and looking dumb in class. Now when he answers a question during a live virtual class, only the teacher sees what he says.

      I believe that this is a strong piece of information that convinces me that an e-learning environment or that extra online help for students shows a positive outcome. I would like to use this source as part of my project because I feel it fits it great with it. It shows good examples of real life people who have used this type of learning and it has been a huge benefit. Students are able to get that extra help without being overwhelmed to ask in class if that is the situation as well as being able to interact with their peers online. Even though social skills are extremely important, this gives them reassurance that what they want to say or what they are doing makes sense.

    1. I really like the structure and organization of this teacher's page. She includes other aspects of what I want to include in my blog. She shows everyone how her classroom looks like and things she sets up. She also includes the current activities she is doing with her students. This is also what I would like to add because that is where the parents come in and get involved in their child's schooling. Because her page is well organized, it is easy to go through and access different tabs at the top. It really is a resource room where you can learn about all different kinds of things. It is useful for a regular classroom as well but can also be applied to a special needs classroom.

    1. I really like this website as a resource for my project because it lists iPad Apps for children with special needs. This is something I would also like to incorporate into my website. This will help students access these at home for extra help or fun learning. Parents will be able to see these apps and can try them out to see if they can suite their child. I feel that the parent, student, and teacher interaction is very important for the success of students. These apps will not only aid them but also expand their learning outside of the classroom if possible.

    1. * Students benefit from the availability of instructional resources. Having instructional PowerPoints, wikis, and other resources available just-in-time was one of the primary reported benefits of virtual instruction.

      I really love that this page mentions this because it is exactly what I would like to have on my website. This page not only tells you what is beneficial but also includes the external sources where you can go and learn more about. It tells me exactly what I had planned to find. It says how useful these types of learnings can be for students with special needs. This will be useful for me because if I need more sources or more information for my webpage once I start to build it, it will benefit me. It is like having one sources with many more within them. I will continue to look into these sources that are available and see what else I can use.

    1. I feel that she will be very beneficial to my project because her website is somewhat of a model of what I would like to do for my students. She includes a "Common Core Resources" tab that she organizes very neatly and includes different website where students can go to get more practice for state exams. I would like to do this as well but also include extra homework help and materials to assist them even further.