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  1. Jan 2016
    1. Over recent years there’s been a steady escalation of concern about the admissions process at the most revered, selective American colleges.

      I think this might be what he's referring to. Seems things haven't been going so well for recruitment or retention.

  2. Oct 2015
    1. Enriquez, G., Johnson, E., Kontovourki S. and Mallozzi, C. (Eds.). (forthcoming). Literacies, learning and the body. London, Routledge.
    2. Colegio de la Ciudad-Buenos Aires, ArgentinaSecondary School English Teacher (2001)
    3. National Center for Restructuring Education, Schools, and Teaching (NCREST)Research Assistant (2004-2007)

      This is where I got my research feet wet and learned about the process of school change from the classroom to school and region administration. It's a sticky process.

    4. Elisabeth Johnson

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    5. Dissertation: Pop culture, literacy, and identity: Performative politics in a high school English classroom