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  1. Nov 2019
    1. use theater

      I love this use of theater and the physical nature of it (referring back to my notes about physicality above). In my own experience, I do think physical theater helps with really hard ideas and conversations. Sam talked about this a bit - at 48:13 he talks the way that "race is an embodied thing, it is an emotional thing and the one thing I love about theater ... you don't have to talk about race in these overaly rational ways that almost sometimes take us away from the deeply felt experience of it."

      He then describes more about the ways that he and colleague have recently been engages in an inquiry project using improv theater with elementary students.


    2. haunting


    3. hesitation


    4. shoulder


    5. xhausting


    6. grapple

      A lot of words in this essay are very physical, like grapple. I will note a few below that I highlighted as I was reading this.