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  1. Sep 2016
    1. many of the different types of communication overlap between modes

    2. n a profound sense, all meaning-making is multimoda

      there seems to be a lot of overlap

    3. newly prominent modes and technolog

      modes vs. mediums. Difference is important to note

    4. Pedagogy is a teaching and learning relationship that creates the potential for building learning conditions leading to full and equitable social participation

      technical communication is NOT about you. always the audience

    5. students and teachers and a new approach to literacy pedagogy that they call "multiliteracies."

      what our class is about

    6. Literacy pedagogy, in other words, has been a carefully restricted project - restricted to formalized, monolingual, monocultural, and rule-governed forms of language.

      the scope of language is much more broad than this, especially in the 21st century

    7. such as visual images and their relationship to the written word

      This reminds me of the visual rhetoric class I am taking with Dr. Holmes.

    8. Cultural differences and rapidly shifting communications media meant that the very nature of the subject - literacy pedagogy - was changing radically. This article is a summary of our discussions.


    9. First, we want to extend the idea and scope of literacy pedagogy to account for the context of our culturally and linguistically diverse and increasingly globalized societies, for the multifarious cultures that interrelate and the plurality of texts that circulate

      social media must play a big part in this.

    10. visual design in desktop publishing or the interface of visual and linguistic meaning in multimedia

      This reminds me of the digital writing class I am taking with Dr. Pullman.

    11. newly prominent modes and technologies of communication; and changing text usage in restructured workplaces

      this is probably due to the increasing use of the internet in the 1990's

    12. yet it is by no means a finished piece

      Because literacy pedagogy is always rapidly changing, I wonder if this article can ever TRUELY be finished.

    13. multiliteracies - a word we chose to describe two important arguments we might have with the emerging cultural, institutional, and global order: the multiplicity of communications channels and media, and the increasing saliency of cultural and linguistic diversity

      main point

    14. Second, we decided to use the term "multiliteracies" as a way to focus on the realities of increasing local diversity and global connectedness

      multiple societies and peoples create multiple ways of communicating and learning.

    15. The article goes on to discuss six design elements in the meaning-making process: those of Linguistic Meaning, Visual Meaning, Audio Meaning, Gestural Meaning, Spatial Meaning, and the Multimodal patterns of meaning that relate the first five modes of meaning to each other.

      main modes

    16. Situated Practice, which draws on the experience of meaning-making in lifeworlds, the public realm, and workplaces; Overt Instruction, through which students develop an explicit metalanguage of Design; Critical Framing, which interprets the social context and purpose of Designs of meaning; and Transformed Practice, in which students, as meaning-makers, become Designers of social futures

      Does every individual go through this process of learning? Is this the natural progression of language communication or is it specific to the westernized world?

    17. These examples of revolutionary changes in technology and the nature of organizations have produced a new language of work. They are all reasons why literacy pedagogy has to change if it is to be relevant to the new demands of working life, if it is to provide all students with access to fulfilling employment.

      VERY IMPORTANT. As college students, our goal is to obtain employment after graduation. In order to accomplish this, we need to be fully prepared for what we might encounter in the "real world".

    18. market logic

      I am not completely sure what "market logic" is... is it referring to a market/economic based society? if so, how does this apply to schools?

    19. teachers find their cultural and linguistic messages losing power and relevance as they compete with these global narratives.

      I never thought of popular culture as "competing" for a childs attention. However, this does make sense as one would rather watch TV than study for a test...

    20. not much space is offered in the marketplace of childhood that reflects genuine diversity among children and adolescents.

      This is why I believe academics are so important. It allow the individual to take it upon themselves to find their OWN interests, rather than go along with what their peers enjoy. Individuality is key to diversity; however, this is a difficult task to accomplish in the 21st century.

    21. are now made unashamedly public

      this is due to the use of widespread media.

    22. As these three major realms of social activity have shifted, so the roles and responsibilities of schools must shift

      I also believe they must shift with the changing "norm" of the home environment.

    23. The danger of glib and tokenistic pluralism is that it sees differences to be immutable and leaves them fragmentary

      i wish they would expand on this as I am not 100% sure what they are stating.

    24. To achieve this, we need to engage in a critical dialogue with the core concepts of fast capitalism, of emerging pluralistic forms of citizenship, and of different lifeworlds. This is the basis for a new social contract, a new commonwealth.

      I especially agree with the "different lifeworlds" part of this statement. As someone who is heavily interested in the education system, I feel as if this applies to low income areas with shotty school systems, where the kids do not have the same opportunity as their better-off peers

    25. An order of discourse is the structured set of conventions associated with semiotic activity (including use of language) in a given social space

      Does this simply refer to the natural order of things? Relationships between two groups or subjects? I gathered this from the example of the relationship between African American gangs in L.A. and the discourse of the L.A.P.D.

    26. Reading, seeing, and listening are all instances of Designing.

      all a part of the process; steps that every individual, despite background, take in order to complete the designing process

    27. isual Meanings (images, page layouts, screen formats); Audio Meanings (music, sound effects); Gestural Meanings (body language, sensuality); Spatial Meanings (the meanings of environmental spaces, architectural spaces); and Multimodal Meanings

      5 main types of modes

      why so many? makes it easier to understand & communicate full opinion

    1. They make information more useable and accessible to those who need that information, and in doing so, they advance the goals of the companies or organizations that employ them

      main purpose; why technical communication is important

    2. Technical Writers & Editor

      this relates to my major- advanced composition and rhetoric.