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  1. Dec 2022
    1. Laminate flooring/Vinyl flooringFive to ten yearsHardwood flooringFifteen to fifty years

      Refurb cost

    2. CarpetsLow quality – two to four yearsMedium quality – five to eight yearsTop quality – eight to fifteen years


    3. ree to five years l The gauge is approximate and assumes an averagesize property with average use.l The lifespan of decoration to a property will dependupon the size of the rooms and areas involved.Allowance must also be made for the type andnumber of permitted occupants and whether theproperty was furnished or unfurnished.l Walls, partitions and internal painted surfaces arelikely to suffer more stress in higher footfall areas ofthe property.l Where these factors point to an inevitable (greater)need for redecoration at the end of the tenancy,an adjudicator may consider more than a simplecontribution to the cost of redecoration from thetenant to be unreasonable


    1. Basic facelift (redecoration)£2,000£3,000£2,500 Basic refurbishment - (incl. new kitchen, painting, new flooring, joinery work, modifying bathroom)£15,000£18,000£16,500 Full refurbishment (incl.all of the above, plus new bathroom, new boiler and radiators, structural work, new electrics, re-plastering)£33,000£48,000£40,500

      Refurb cost

    1. We recommend that landlords refurbish their rental properties every 5 years. But this doesn’t have to result in spending a small fortune, nor does it mean that you need to spend the next couple of months with a paintbrush in hand.
    1. That said, most kitchens in rental properties will last around 10 years before needing a full refurbishment. It's important to remember that .

      10 years