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  1. Feb 2018
    1. Will she who has a jot of discernment think to satisfy her greedy desire of Plea∣sure, with those promising nothings that have again & again deluded her? Or, will she to obtain such Bubbles, run the risque of forfeiting Joys, infinitely satisfying and eternal? In sum, did not ignorance impose on us, we would never lavish out the greatest part of our Time and Care, on the decoration of a Tenement, in which our Lease is so very short, and which for all our indust∣ry, may lose it's Beauty e're that Lease be out, and in the mean while neglect a Page  44 more glorious and durable Mansion! We wou'd never be so curious of the House, and so careless of the Inha∣bitant, whose beauty is ca∣pable of great improvement, and will endure for ever without diminution or de∣cay!

      The house analogy here refers to the absurdity of caring of physical beauty over one's mind (and soul). It also strangely maintains women's interests within the realm of the domestic.