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  1. Feb 2018
    1. Info-environmentalism encourages us to clean up polluted information environments, to actively create and share credible, research-based, balanced information and web-artefacts.

      I think this is a great goal. Another "literacy" I work to develop in my teen students is to dive below the surface. It is easy for them to find valid surface information about a topic, and weave it together into a coherent, credible story. However, I struggle to get them to investigate further. They will report (correctly) that "B campaigned for G to happen." However, when asked "Why did B feel it important to campaign for G?" I often get blank stares. I just keep asking questions.

    1. Curiosity brought people together in a way that mere facts did not.

      Yes! Curiosity, combined with lively, respectful debate.

    2. If all your time is [spent] checking someone else’s facts, then what are you doing?”

      I think a lot of that is happening right now with Trump. He is deflecting the American public into checking facts while the bigger issues are quietly being unattended in the background.