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  1. Feb 2018
    1. One is the skill of giving specific concrete examples in an essay.

      This is a skill taught by teachers since elementary school, however every teachers idea of "concrete" is different. Every grade level I go up the idea of concrete becomes deeper and deeper. Now in my freshman year of college I realize that a concrete detail doesn't have t necessarily be the longest description, but it does need to be the most clear description.

    2. What skills do these students lack? She quotes Nell Scharff, an instructional expert brought in by the school, as saying, "How did the kids in our target group go wrong? What skills were missing?"

      Haltman thoroughly covered this in his essay, by stating that writers need to analyze and deduct before annotating to grasp the idea of the reading. This will help when having to describe objects or tell the meaning of a reading.

    3. The Secret to Good Writing: It's About Objects, Not Ideas

      The title immediately grasped my attention, because I never heard anyone say that before and I was curious to see where the author was going with the piece.

    1. Description→Deduction->Speculation->Research->Interpretive Analysis

      An interpretive analysis should come only after fully understanding a text and the goal it is trying to achieve.

    2. A research prospectus should be detailed enough to give a clear sense of what in your object has given rise to interpretation.

      It should not be difficult for the reader to follow you in your interpretation of an object. Your thoughts should be clear and concise.

    3. Without pleasure taken in the work of the imagination, nothing of the sort is possible.

      You must think heavily when describing things and think outside the normal thought process. It is your interpretation therefore it should not fall under anyone else's umbrella of ideas.

    4. we do not analyze objects; we analyze our descriptions of objects●writing constitutesanalysis: we do not really see with clarity what we have not said that we have seen

      This statement relates heavily to the supplement reading I have chosen , "The Secret to Good Writing". Describing an object comes from clear and concrete details. Our descriptions of a object helps readers understand the object better, the clear our description, the clearer the object becomes for the reader without actually seeing it.

  2. Jan 2018
    1. the most persistent object metaphors expressive of belief”

      People interpret things differently and it can be based off prior beliefs or how you were raised. For example, the term "football", if you grew up in Europe you would think of that word as what we commonly refer to as "soccer". However in the U.S football is a totally different sport. And thats not to say who is right, just a difference in interpretation.

    2. All objects signify; some signify more expressively than others.

      This is stating although two objects can both be interpreted, one could be looked at in a deeper sense than the other one. For example, a rock and a laptop are both items that can be described. But because of the laptop's complexity the description can go on longer.

    3. These essays share, as well, a spirit of imaginative intervention in the study ofhistory.

      Through reading this text I have t come upon it with an open-mindedness attitude, because different people perceive text differently.

    4. methodology

      a system of methods used in a particular area of study or activity.

    5. THE ESSAYS COLLECTED in this volume, intended for both scholars and students, exemplify the methodology they share, familiarly known as Prownian analysis, the history and theoretical underpinnings of which are elucidated by Jules Prown himself in the Preface and opening contribution to this volume.

      Beginning this reading, I had a very hard time understanding what the author was trying to say and comprehending the extensive vocabulary used. However once I read "The Secret to Good writing" by John Maguire, I have a better understanding of what the text is trying to say. It is basically attempting to describe how to describe objects in a text.

    6. Description provides the bridge between the realm of the material and thatof concepts and ideas.

      This quote made me think a lot about the entire process of describing an item. Different people have different ideas about things. So descriptions certainly do serve as the latter to objects and individuals concepts and ideas.