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  1. Sep 2016
    1. Right now, as a field, our knowl-edge space is too small, and our academic knowledgespace (what we teach) is definitely too small and confining

      What about the field of technical writing is confining? Is it the fact that it expands much more slowly compared to other fields or is it that the technical communicators are lacking the knowledge to do so to help its expansion.

    2. Twenty years after the introduction of desktop pub-lishing,


      Here is an explanation of what exactly desktop publishing is.

    3. Missing is our overall examination and synthe-sis of how that research and discipline movement willaffect technical communication as a discipline in both theshort (three to five years) and longer terms.

      This quotation seems to have no faith in the future of technical communication. Through the years technical communication has evolved and will continue to do so throughout the years to come as technology advances and writers enhance their tech com skill sets.

    4. STC Annual Conference,

      The Summit in Technical Communication is a conference for all technical writers to join in DC in the month of may to discuss, unveil, and demonstrate new products and services in the world of Technical Communication. (http://summit.stc.org/)

    5. claimed that it was very important that it be perfect and thatit must be written in case someone sometime wanted it

      This brings me to think of the user manuals in the electronics and other household items the majority of us own in this day in age. It seems as the time goes on less and less individuals are actually paying attention to the written text provided although the writers spend a large amount of time perfecting their work. It makes me think why someone would want to become a credible writer but yet not have their work read as often.

    6. One issue that needs to be clarified is the differencebetween tools and technology.

      Throughout time I believe that these two words "tools" and "technology" have become interchangeable much like synonyms. Technology is a tool especially for tech writers, of course.

    7. n tandem withthis expansion, the fundamental methods of

      What are these fundamental methods being used?