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  1. Sep 2016
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    1. "The Problem of Speech Genres,"Bakhtin (1986) provided his most thorough exploration of issuesrelated to the stability as well as questions related to the trans-formativity or instability of genres. Bakhtin's concept of genre wasintricately linked to his dialogic understanding of language and hisrefusal to accept the Saussurean division between langue and paroleand the consequent attempt to create a rule-governed science oflanguage.

      The full pdf of Bakhtin's writting - "The Problem of Speech Genres"(https://livelongday.files.wordpress.com/2011/08/bakhtinspeechgenres.pdf)

    2. Miller's redefinition of genre goes a long way in helping us theorizeabout perceived recurrent ways of using discourse.

      how to use communication effectively.

    3. taxonomic
    4. Further, neither he nor other members of the collegewere aware of how much record keeping the students actually did orof how the record-keeping system might be influencing the faculty'steaching and evaluation practices and thus students' learning andliteracy

      Here, you can see the possibilities of why students are having literacy problems be examined more closely.

    5. forced to compress vast amounts of information into their courses.

      This sentence supports my argument that their is a reason students aren't comprehending and communicating efficently. This could be a possible reason why there is an apparent literacy problem among college students.

    6. I'm appalled by the techniques students use in answering questionson exams. I don't know if they are unable to write on exams or if it's theway they have been trained.

      Maybe we can take into consideration that the students are having trouble comprehending certain materials because of the way they are being taught. Their lack of communication skills are stemming from somewhere...