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  1. Oct 2016
    1. This image would be invisible to sighted users, but those listening to the page with screen-reading software—which reads aloud the alt attributes of images embedded in an HTML page—could use that GIF as their cue to jump past what they did not need to hear in order to get to the information that they did want to hear.

      George Willams really out did himself here. This is very innovative for a web article. The creators took into consideration all modes on this layout and for all people with all disabilities. In a way, as morbid as this may seem I wish I has an impairment so I could experience this because I think it is fantastic.

    2. the words were spoken by the synthesized voice that came from her laptop’s speakers.

      I am actually interested in hearing what this would sound like. Only because sometimes, when technology has the ability to read to you it sounds a lot like technology and a lot less like a human being.