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  1. Feb 2016
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    1. And thats the kind of educator I want to be!

      I agree with Brooke and Christen that you've got a nice framework here to develop. The picture tells a story, invites us into your family (I'm guessing, but a caption would clarify that) and your final line referencing your role in the family helps us learn about this familial role and the connection you see between it and your future as an educator. Now it's time to take things to the next level and share some of those specifics like your certificate level, perhaps an inspiration, a mentor, a quote, something about what you hope this site might do for your future students or their families. All these potential details will establish your credibility and begin to convey your authority.

    1. so that it is our duty to do justice and to restore to thefreemen their freedom, but it cannot be done i

      I think that King Affonso was ok with the slave traders taking the lower class and the prisoners of war, because those people were worthless. The slave trade grew rapidly and more slaves were needed, the Portuguese ravaged the society and took what slaves they wanted. King Affonso opened a Pandoras box.

    1. social and political advancement i

      The racial system that was established in the new world was a racial hierarchy. The system worked based on the purity of ones blood. Then it was used as a status for political and social advancement.

    1. Wave after wave she unleashed, until much of the land was underwater and many of the people were drowned.

      Olokun seems very bitter and full of rage not caring about how many other she would kill

    1. A long time ago human beings lived high up in what is now called heaven.

      The humans arrived in the world by coming from heaven.

    2. When the boys had grown to man’s estate, they decided that it was necessary for them to increase the size of their island,

      The twins created the world to become larger and modified the animals and plant life.

    3. After much discussion the toad was finally persuaded to dive to the bottom of the waters in search of soil. Bravely making the attempt, he succeeded in bringing up soil from the depths of the sea. This was carefully spread over the carapace of the Turtle, and at once both began to grow in size and depth.

      The animals helped the women when she came through the hole. The also helped prepare the earth for the women to live there.

    1. Then on the seventh day God rested, which is what we are suppose to do as well.

    2. Humanity and nature go hand in hand with each other, but the structure created puts humans having control over all of nature, together nature and humanity survive. I think society would see the structure built in this text thats supports order of creation. God authorizes this text, it is Gods word and creation.

  3. Jan 2016
    1. Native Americans lived free from the terrible diseases that ravaged populations in Asia, Europe and Africa. But their blessing now became a curse.

      The greed of the European countries brought diseases and slave into the Native Americans culture.