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  1. Nov 2017
    1. “To Canada

      Her husband is planning to be a runaway.

    2. I tell you, Eliza, that a sword will pierce through your soul for every good and pleasant thing your child is or has; it will make him worth too much for you to keep.”

      All the good things about the boy make him a valuable asset in the slave market.

    3. quadroon

      one quarter black

    4. reasonable

      Reasonable slavery....

    5. I understand, perfectly

      I don't think he understands at all actually.

    6. ommenced toning a psalm tune through his nose,

      The author has a way of telling instead of showing...

    7. Ah, master trusted me, and I couldn’t

      This is a trade, a very capable slave for some unpaid debts. This also shows us the character of Tom, he's either very noble, or completely brainwashed.

    8. shall induce us to transcribe.

      Breaking the fourth wall in the second paragraph

    9. to come under the species

      He's of a lower class, barely human, scraping towards some sort of societal status update