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  1. Mar 2016
    1. 4) What is the meaning of the background houses and roads? The meaning of the background houses and roads seems like a suburb where the majority of white families live. It has the idea of a spacious, safe environment with nice cars and big houses. A person living in this area is more likely to feel safe and secure since they live somewhere where there is no danger and violence and they are not crowded how people are in the city or more diverse areas. I looked up the houses on Jim Crow Rd on Google Maps and it does look like a nice area for white families to live in and be away from the dangers in the city. Not only that but when I was going through the Google maps I see a myriad amount of brand new year cars or just nice cars with a nice house. Since it is very different from lower class housing since the houses are more clustered together and there a myriad amount of different cars from different years.

      3)What is the meaning of the street sign? The meaning of this street sign, Jim Crow Rd, could have a connection with the Jim Crow laws. These laws were enforced in the 20th century to segregate African Americans and people of color to prevent the same usage as whites. Especially enforced in the South. Colored people couldn't use the same bathrooms, stores, and schools. Not only that but it became difficult for African Americans to own houses like the ones in the picture because they were not eligible to own houses or take our loans form a bank. Since it was difficult for colored people to have houses like these they lived in city cramped areas or just cramped neighborhoods where there seemed to be violence and not have the same space as white neighborhoods.