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  1. Mar 2016
    1. “I’ll go see him,” Nick said to George. “Where does he live?”

      Nick says that he will go see Ole Andreson, even though the others tell him that he does not have to if he does not want to.

      This fits with Hemingways "code hero", because: He is put in a difficult situation where he has to decide which could result in either succes or fail. So here he has a "moment of truth." He is very manly and courageous to go and talk to him even though it is dangerous. He shows "grace under pressure".

    2. “I’m going to get out of this town,” Nick said.

      Defeated but not destroyed?

    3. Nick might not be so much of a hero. He tries to escape reality by moving, instead of trying to change it.

    4. There ain’t anything to do. After a while I’ll make up my mind to go out.”

      Ole accepts death, and faces it like a true hero. Destroyed but not defeated?

    5. “Listen,” George said to Nick. “You better go see Ole Andreson.”

      George shows grace under pressure (since he wishes to warn Ole Andreson asap)

    6. After a while I’ll make up my mind to go out.”

      Ole shows grace under pressure when he's about to experience the moment of truth.

    7. “Thanks for coming to tell me about it.”

      Even though Ole knows he's going to die, he is still graceful towards Nick. So Ole might be a bit of a hero himself

    8. “I’m through with all that running around.”

      Ole experience the moment of truth

    9. Max said.

      What does this tell us about the narrator of the story?