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  1. Jan 2024
    1. for - building - material - earth - Elisabetta Carnevale - BC Materials - Cycle Terre - Joseph Colzani - Center of the Earth

      summary - A good outline of contemporary earth building techniques.

      to - Cycle Terre - https://hyp.is/p2mdqLuTEe6W0XcNljBbWA/www.cycle-terre.eu/mise-en-oeuvre/les-materiaux/ - BC Material - https://hyp.is/BY5_nLuVEe6v4-dubnc59A/bcmaterials.org/ - BC Material Studies - https://hyp.is/BY5_nLuVEe6v4-dubnc59A/bcmaterials.org/ - Joseph Colzani and Center of the Earth - https://hyp.is/YvQIeLu4Ee6DACOMT1xOdw/www-centredeterre-fr.translate.goog/le-centre-de-terre/?_x_tr_sch=http&_x_tr_sl=fr&_x_tr_tl=en&_x_tr_hl=en&_x_tr_pto=sc

    2. one year ago finally when the project was set up in order to try to avoid this uh this crazy dynamic the name of the project is cicloter

      for - Cycle Terre - https://www.cycle-terre.eu/en/ - https://circulareconomy.europa.eu/platform/en/good-practices/cycle-terre-excavated-soil-urban-areas-becomes-construction-raw-material - https://www.sme-enterprize.com/sustainability-stories/environment/cycle-terre/

      description - The Cycle Terre project shifts perspectives - excavation material is no longer treated as waste to be disposed of, - but as a new raw building material for - compressed earth bricks - earth wall panels - earth coatings - https://www.cycle-terre.eu/mise-en-oeuvre/les-materiaux/ - The excavation of kilometers of tunnels to extend the Paris mass transit system will produce enormous amounts of raw feedstock for the Cycle Terre manufacturing plant.- 400 million tons!