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  1. Mar 2020
    1. Blocking In the Still Life Drawing with Christine Frerichs

      I want to be clear is still a great video. I learned quite a few new things.

      That said:

      They should chunk the video. If they are going to list materials, you should provide a "table of content" for video sections. The instructor lists all the materials. And how to make a viewfinder. Things that could have their own videos.

      She does not make use of the the video description.

      She uses word cues very well. At 1:20 she says "Create thumbnail drawings" and it appears in the video "white space".

      They edit video really well.

      They have interesting graphics that help represent certain concepts.

      There is a background music.

      I think there is a lot of CONTENT in this video that could have been split into small videos. Like tinting a bristol paper for the still life.

      They are using slightly different approaches to the measuring but all of it is fairly solid.

      On the whole, it does not ask any questions to prompt the student to reflect.

      She doesn't get into the point about lights, midtone and dark shapes, but I feel like if you have time to discuss how to do a proper sight technique, then you can briefly discuss that concept. It definitely had a bigger production value with multiple camera angles, a longer length, narration by the same artist. special effects, etc.

    1. Beginning Drawing Atelier #7: Blocking in Still Life

      Very brief intro

      no word cues

      no extraneous music

      it is chunked, very quick video 2mins 47 seconds total.

      Conversational tone, but quick and to the point.

      Credits at the end of the video.