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  1. Oct 2014
    1. the carbon dioxide will persist in the atmosphere for several centuries
    2. during the 20th century the Earth's global average surface temperature rose 1.4 degrees Fahrenheit
  2. Feb 2014
    1. Identify the relationship/status of the parties (Note: Do not merely refer to the parties as the plai ntiff/defendant or appellant/appellee; be sure to also include more descr iptive generic terms to identify the relationship/status at issue, e.g., buyer/seller, employer/employee, landlord/tenant, etc.)

      Identify the factual relationship of the parties, not just the procedural relationship.

      Examples of procedural:

      • plaintiff/defendant
      • appellant/appellee

      Examples of factual:

      • buyer/seller
      • employer/employee
      • landlord/tenant