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    1. he threw me a very large one, saying, “Yours,”

      He is giving himself to Elio much like he partook in enjoying himself via. the Apricot juice, because perhaps he sees himself in Elio, and thus can share himself with the other?

    2. He had never had apricotjuice in his life. She stood facing him with her salver flat against her apron,trying to make out his reaction as he quaffed it down. He said nothing atfirst. Then, probably without thinking, he smacked his lips.

      He just downed a glass of his own fluid, and enjoyed it... Does this mean love and sexual desire is a desire targeted at loving oneself?

  2. May 2024
    1. What struck me was not just his amazing gift for reading people, forrummaging inside them and digging out the precise configuration of theirpersonality, but his ability to intuit things in exactly the way I myself mighthave intuited them. This, in the end, was what drew me to him with acompulsion that overrode desire or friendship or the allurements of acommon religion.

      Evidence that religion, sexuality, and all the shallow ideas of romance is not enough to define their relationship -- it is their similar intuition, and his amazing gift for reading people. Also.. this is like Sammy!!!

  3. Apr 2024
    1. I had put reading last on my list, thinking that, with the willful, brazenattitude he’d displayed so far, reading would figure last on his.

      An assumption, like many others (such as the bathing suit situation) about Oliver's identity that is quickly refuted, because identities never make sense. A person as a whole cannot be summarized in rules or statements or if.. then.. conditions.

    2. soles, of his throat, of the bottom of his forearms, which hadn’t really beenexposed to much sun. Almost a light pink, as glistening and smooth as theunderside of a lizard’s belly. Private, chaste, unfledged, like a blush on anathlete’s face or an instance of dawn on a stormy night. It told me thingsabout him I never knew to ask

      Motif of skin introduced in CMBYN, where Oliver's duality of skin, tanned, and pink and untouched represents the multidimensionality of identity, and the contradictions that exist within him -- which is what fascinates Elio. The coexistence of both contradictions in such a beautiful, whole, masterpiece who has affinities leaping out of him is enlightening for Elio. Elio may see Oliver as an Elio who he wishes to mature into.

    3. I could grow to like him, though. From rounded chin to rounded heel.Then, within days, I would learn to hate him.

      Does this foreshadow the duality and complexity of their relationship? Because there is a period of time when Elio is in an internal conflict with his desire and lack of desire for Oliver.

    1. She loved me for the dangers I had passed,And I loved her that she did pity them.

      Ironic because they see (Desdemona) sees tragedy as his heroism and his appeal, the pity she has on him. And yet he only turns more pitiful because he passes more and more tragedies later on. Desdemona is even more of an angel then. Cradling the child of a devil

    2. For, of my heart, those charms, thine eyes, areblotted.Thy bed, lust-stained, shall with lust’s blood bespotted

      Very important, but still, why does he need to murder her, his one love, what is that significance WHY?!?!

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    1. She told her, while she kept it'Twould make her amiable and subdue my fatherEntirely to her love, but if she lost itOr made gift of it, my father’s eyeShould hold her loathèd and his spirits should huntAfter new fancies.

      The parallel to the current situation, how a simple object like a handkerchief can dictate the "true" love between two people, the "perfect" love, and it just is ridiculous like magic.



    1. Participants reported less stigma as well as more investment, satisfaction, commitment and greater communication about the relationship with primary compared to secondary relationships, but a greater proportion of time on sexual activity with secondary compared to primary relationships.

      polyrelationships can vary, the primary rel is m+ convient seen better socially but the second is b+ sexually

    1. We are at crossroads when it comes to evaluation, its purpose, and how it is used. Before the pandemic and into the recovery phase, evaluation has been largely used to artificially enforce “accountability” and maintain a transactional relationship between funders and non-profit organizations. Demand for “accountability”; expectation to do more with less; and reporting on impacts are phrases that keep leaders of non-profits, including B3s awake at night. These phrases are particularly disempowering in an environment of transactional relationship between funders and non-profits. You might ask, what does this have to do with evaluation? Everything!Let’s think and reflect deeply on these phrases: Demand for accountability – who is demanding accountability and whose interest is fulfilled by meeting that accountability? Expectation to do more with less – who is expecting or promising to do more with less? Reporting on impacts – who is defining impact and/or how is impact defined and understood?Evaluation is neither neutral nor objective and in a transactional relationship between funders and non-profit organizations, its sole purpose becomes keeping the transactional relationship in place.
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    1. inflammation sends the signals for wound healing for healing that for blood vessels to grow

      for - example - relationship between inflammation and angiogenesis

      example - relationship between inflammation and angiogenesis - when you cut your finger and start bleeding, your wound will swell up - that's inflammation, your bodies immune system russhing in to fight bad bacteria - after a day or so, inflammation stops and it sends a signal to your body to begin creating new blood vessels - angiogenesis begins. - after awhile that stops as well and your body returns to the normal setpoint

    2. let's take a look at just sort of something everybody recognizes and to show how inflammation and blood vessel growth are go hand in hand

      for - relationship - inflammation and angiogenesis

    1. Another interesting property may be symmetry. For example "duplicate of" relation is symmetric, but "parent/child" is not.
    2. duplicated by - Reciprocal of duplicates.
    3. duplicates - Links issues so that closing one, will close the other (e.g. closing A will close B) For example, if issue B duplicates A: - closing B will leave A open - closing A will automatically close B duplicated by - Reciprocal of duplicates. For example, if issue A is duplicated by issue B: - closing B will leave A open - closing A will automatically close B
    4. Relation needs two labels, because of its direction ("blocks" vs. "blocked by").
    5. One of the reasons that some projects don't use Gitlab's issues and use an external tracking platform is the lack of issues relations. Without relations issues are just flat, no way to actually track progress of big features. No way to create a "meta" issue that depends on 4 other or create subtasks and so on. The same problem exists on Github too. It would surely make a difference if Gitlab offers a full features tracking issue, instead of just flat issues. Relations is a major first step towards that.
    1. Hierarchy is about relationships between things. The most common hierarchical relationships are items that have a parent/child relationship.
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      • for: science and religion, flat earth misconception, DH, Deep Humanity - science and religion - historical relationship

      • summary

        • Dutch historian Jochem Boodt explains how fake news isn't something new, but as old as the history books!
        • Science and religion were not antagonist in early Western history, as is believed today. This was fake news fabricated in a fascinating way.
        • He uses the example of the common misconception that before Columbus, people thought the earth was flat.
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    1. organization to user relationship

      I think "user to organization" relationship would be more accurate.

      The "organization to user relationship" seems like it would be the opposite direction: employer, supplier, etc.

    1. Locke even grants absolute power to the master over them

      slaves seen as a necessary and embedded part of European life

    2. He argued against hereditary servitude, but the laws governing slavery in the New World allowed for it.
    3. t mentions that Locke strongly opposes slavery, he was involved in forming a colony where owning slaves was allowed.

      hypocritical, and contradiction

    4. This portrayal made them enemies of mankind and justified wars against them.
    5. He argued that colonization of America provided a solution to this problem, as it was seen as "free" land available for European settlers.

      idea that this is free to use as not being used for the proper purpose?

    6. It is important to note that Locke's theory only included certain individuals, propertied European men
    7. colonization in America was important for Locke's conceptualization of the state of nature and his defense of enclosure. Indigenous Americans were portrayed as hunter-gatherers, and only enclosed lands were seen as producing value.
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    1. The main usage difference is that dependency can be used in a second sense as a "concrete" noun to mean a person or thing which depends on something/someone else. But note that in the programming context it's not uncommon to see it used to mean a software resource upon which some piece of software depends (i.e. - reversing the need/provide relationship).

      Is that really true? Can dependency refer to a person or thing which depends on something/someone else?? I'm only used to it the other way.

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    1. Certainly, computerizationmight seem to resolve some of the limitations of systems like Deutsch’s, allowing forfull-text search or multiple tagging of individual data points, but an exchange of cardsfor bits only changes the method of recording, leaving behind the reality that one muststill determine what to catalogue, how to relate it to the whole, and the overarchingsystem.

      Despite the affordances of recording, searching, tagging made by computerized note taking systems, the problem still remains what to search for or collect and how to relate the smaller parts to the whole.

      customer relationship management vs. personal knowledge management (or perhaps more important knowledge relationship management, the relationship between individual facts to the overall whole) suggested by autocomplete on "knowl..."

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    1. For a while, I forgot how fun it is to talk to users People seem to intuitively help you if you build something useful for them. And they come up with better ideas than you do.

      Peter Hagen, 2022-08-24 https://twitter.com/peterhagen_/status/1562535573134254080

      One can dramatically increase their potential combinatorial creativity not only by having their own ideas run into each other, for example in a commonplace book or card index/zettelkasten, but by putting them out into the world and allowing them to very actively interact with other people and their ideas.

      Reach, engagement and other factors may also help in the acceleration, but keep in mind that you also need to have the time and bandwidth to listen and often build context with those replies to be able to extract the ultimate real value out of those interactions.

    1. Anybody using this approach to manage contacts? How?

      reply to IvanFerrero at https://forum.zettelkasten.de/discussion/1740/anybody-using-this-approach-to-manage-contacts-how#latest

      Many of the digital note taking tools that run off of text allow you to add metadata to your basic text files (as YAML headers, inline with a key:: value pair, or via #tags). Many of them have search functionality or use other programmatic means like query blocks, DataView, DataViewJS, etc. for doing queries on your files to get back lists, tables, charts, etc. of the data you're looking for.

      The DataView repository has some good examples of how this works with something like Obsidian. Fortunately if you're using simple text files you can usually put them into one or more platforms to get the data and affordances you want out of them individually.

      As an example, I have a script block in my daily note in Obsidian for birthdays in my notes that fall on today's date:

      ```dataview LIST birthday FROM "Lists/People" WHERE birthday.day = date(2023-01-18).day ```

      If I put the text birthday:: 1927-12-08 into a note about Niklas Luhmann, his name and birthday would appear in my daily note on his birthday. One can use similar functionality to create tables of books they read with titles, authors, ratings, dates read, etc. or a variety of other data input which parses through your plaintext files. Services like Obsidian, Logseq, et al. are getting better about allowing these types of programmatic searches for users without backgrounds in programming and various communities usually provide help for pre-made little snippets like the one above that one can cut and paste into their notes to get the outputs that they need. Another Obsidian based example that uses text files for tracking academic journal articles can be found at https://nataliekraneiss.com/your-academic-reading-list-in-obsidian/; I'm sure there are similar versions for other text-based platforms.

      In pre-digital times, for a manual version of a rolodex like this in paper, one could use different color cards as pseudo-tags (doctors are on yellow cards, family members on blue cards, friends on green cards, etc.) or adding edge notches or even tabs to represent different types of metadata. See for example the edge colored cards in Hawkexpress' Pile of Index Cards: https://www.flickr.com/photos/hawkexpress/albums/72157594200490122

    1. The funny thing is, despite having already reflected on this “trap of accuracy” before, Michelle still fell for it when she saw her inaccurately targeted ads staring at her on the screen. The promise of accuracy and of being seen is just too alluring. 

      What does it say about a society where the power of "being seen" is so much filled by advertising and corporate relationships? Maybe nothing, maybe the craving to be part of a group marked by consumption patterns has always been there. But even so I feel like there's a difference between the active behavior of being a "regular" at a bar or restaurant, or an "Oldsmobile Man", and being assigned a statistical bin of user profiles.

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    1. Interesting. So it's like an analog CRM? Multiple people have brought this type of thing up.

      reply to u/sscheper<br /> https://www.reddit.com/r/antinet/comments/yka3ro/vintage_yawman_and_erbe_card_index_filing_systems/

      These were commonly used for what we now call CRM as well as for accounting, general filing, and all sorts of business and back office use cases in the early 20th century which are now handled by computers. A dozen or so companies made large wooden and metal index card filing cabinets and sold them by the truckload to businesses of every sort.

      A lot of the digiterati are just repeating and attempting to reinvent these sorts of ideas using Obsidian, Notion, etc.

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    1. The human takeover needs to be nonviolent and genuinely creative. It can augment the entirehuman social system not by resolving the gridlock of all the colliding identities and trajectoriesmentioned in Section 2 but by adding a lifeline for humans to hold on to whenever they considermaking a decision that challenges and disrupts; whenever they allow a new thought to take shape;whenever they genuinely feel the genuine need to say ‘no,’ or ‘yes,’ but today must say otherwise.

      !- properties : human takeover * nonviolent communications * genuinely creative * provide a lifeline when choices true to one's heart emerge so that it can be supported and not fall by the weighside * must secure a "good enough" relationship between human and the social system

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    1. While the brief explanation provides information about the social context, more information about the creator and their intention would help understand more about the background of the object and its significance personally to the creator.

      I second this statement. Description that sheds light on the personal relationship between the object and the creator creates an exclusive value to the object. Uncle Tom's Cabin Vase surely is not the only masterpieace created during the anti-slavery movements, so what makes it stand out can only boil down to the specific situation that inspired the creator to give birth to the it.

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    1. For a dream career, prioritize who you work with over everything else.

      Very interresting that we find it here as well as with Paul that had to check how Timoteus were doing before moving on, because who you work with is more important than what you do.

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    1. Derek Thompson. (2021, August 25). Adult hospitalizations since July 1 vs. Vaccinations, by state: 1) The relationship between more vaccines and less hospitalization is pretty straightforward. 2) Holy moly, Florida. Among states with more than one shot per person, FL really is on its own island of pain. Https://t.co/tuTAdUT0OM [Tweet]. @DKThomp. https://twitter.com/DKThomp/status/1430643278337163267

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  26. datatracker.ietf.org datatracker.ietf.org
    1. Relationship to TCP and HTTP _This section is non-normative._ The WebSocket Protocol is an independent TCP-based protocol. Its only relationship to HTTP is that its handshake is interpreted by HTTP servers as an Upgrade request. By default, the WebSocket Protocol uses port 80 for regular WebSocket connections and port 443 for WebSocket connections tunneled over Transport Layer Security (TLS) [RFC2818].
  27. greggman.github.io greggman.github.io
    1. One other thing is that many libraries seem bloated. IMO the smaller the API the better. I don't need a library to try to do 50 things via options and configuration.
    1. Looking deeper, you can see a large amount of issues open, bugs taking months to fix, and pull requests never seem to be merged from outside contributors. Apollo seems unfocused on building the great client package the community wants.
    2. This sort of behaviour indicates to me that Apollo is using open-source merely for marketing and not to make their product better. The company wants you to get familiar with Apollo Client and then buy into their products, not truly open-source software in my opinion. This is one of the negatives of the open-core business model.
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    1. In many computing contexts, "TTY" has become the name for any text terminal, such as an external console device, a user dialing into the system on a modem on a serial port device, a printing or graphical computer terminal on a computer's serial port or the RS-232 port on a USB-to-RS-232 converter attached to a computer's USB port, or even a terminal emulator application in the window system using a pseudoterminal device.

      It's still confusing, but this at least helps/tries to clarify.

    1. TTY is right there in the name, but this article makes no attempt to clarify what exactly the relationship between a pseudoterminal and a TTY. I feel like a whole paragraph about the relation to TTY would be warranted, including a link to TTY article, of course, which does link [back] to and explain some of the relation to pseudoterminal:

      In many computing contexts, "TTY" has become the name for any text terminal, such as an external console device, a user dialing into the system on a modem on a serial port device, a printing or graphical computer terminal on a computer's serial port or the RS-232 port on a USB-to-RS-232 converter attached to a computer's USB port, or even a terminal emulator application in the window system using a pseudoterminal device.

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    1. In a broader sense, taxonomy also applies to relationship schemes other than parent-child hierarchies, such as network structures. Taxonomies may then include a single child with multi-parents, for example, "Car" might appear with both parents "Vehicle" and "Steel Mechanisms"
    2. Taxonomies are often represented as is-a hierarchies where each level is more specific (in mathematical language "a subset of") the level above it. For example, a basic biology taxonomy would have concepts such as mammal, which is a subset of animal, and dogs and cats, which are subsets of mammal. This kind of taxonomy is called an is-a model because the specific objects are considered as instances of a concept. For example, Fido is-an instance of the concept dog and Fluffy is-a cat.
    1. There is obvious connections between the flow paths of a use case and its test cases. Deriving functional test cases from a use case through its scenarios (running instances of a use case) is straightforward.
    2. With content based upon an action or event flow structure, a model of well-written use cases also serves as an excellent groundwork and valuable guidelines for the design of test cases
    1. A pride of lions on a fund-raising pitch can be relied on to bring in money that can be used to save the ground squirrel and the lilac-breasted rollers.Back when the restaurant ecosystem was functioning healthily, it had its charismatic megafauna, too.

      The similarities Pete points out between a wildlife ecosystem and a New York restaurant ecosystem serve to emphasize his point of how one major effect, COVID, can shut down multiple facets of the ecosystem. He does so by focusing on one word, megafauna, as he described the previous state of New York restaurants as having "charismatic megafauna".