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  1. Mar 2023
    1. Rysslands anfallskrig mot Ukraina har splittrat den rasideologiska miljön. De flesta grupper undviker att ta tydlig ställning. Men i ett försök att framstå som en balanserande kraft i det offentliga samtalet sprider de högerextrema medierna ett okritiskt pro-ryskt narrativ om kriget och krigets orsaker. Det gör den rasideologiska miljön till en tummelplats för rysk desinformation och påverkan.
  2. Feb 2023
    1. The complexities of the response of South Africans to the war in Ukraine are discussed in this story. On the one hand, the South African ANC government has had a historical political and economic relationship with Russia that continues up to the invasion of Ukraine. On the other hand, the ANCs struggle against apartheid puts it in a paradoxical situation with the huge atrocities Russia is now perpetrating upon Ukraine.

      Violations of early NATO treaty and alleged corruption within the Ukraine government cannot justify Putin's continued human rights atrocities.

      In this day and age, does national sovereignty justify war? In this day and age, the need for Mutually Assured Destruction is indeed MADness .

      With climate change breathing down our necks as well as the 6th mass extinction, we appear to be a world gone mad.

    1. warfare
      • Comment
      • Observation
        • it is known that warfare is a significant source of technological innovation
        • this can be explained by evolutionary biology
        • our instruct for survival is strongest in ( inter-species) conflict
        • such is the deep irony of human progress
        • now, in the Anthropocene, humanity is waging another war for survival, caused by our war against nature
      • we can characterized this war as a war against past ignorance
    1. if mankind does not put an end to war war will put an end to mankind

      JFK quote - " if mankind does not put an end to war war will put an end to mankind"

    1. The long-term consequences of Russia’s war are less clear. But experts are concerned it may also lock in more future fossil fuel dependence as places like Europe search for replacements for Russian fuel.
      • Russian war may increase usage of fuels
      • this could make reaching the 1.5 Deg C target more difficult
    1. Voor een kernwapenvrije wereld, te beginnen in Europa Jet van Rijswijk -  02.02.2023

      Kernwapenvrije wereld, te beginnen in Europa

  3. Jan 2023
    1. We are living in a time of unprecedented danger, and the Doomsday Clock time reflects that reality. 90 seconds to midnight is the closest the Clock has ever been set to midnight, and it’s a decision our experts do not take lightly

      Press release. Doomsday clock changed to 90 seconds to mid-night. Largely due to Russia's invasion to Ukraine.

  4. Dec 2022
    1. Seeking full energy independence from Russian gas, in response to Russia's energy blackmail in #Europe and the war in #Ukraine 🇺🇦, #Lithuania 🇱🇹 has completely abandoned Russian gas

      Lithuania abandons Russian Gas

    1. The 1960s were a period of time when poverty in theUnited States was cut in half. This should be seen as a major economic ac-complishment. The War on Poverty played an important role in this decline.It demonstrated that the nation’s poverty is not immovable and that genuineprogress is possible with a concerted effort by the government and a growingeconomy.



  5. Nov 2022
    1. “We’re at war. This is a political war, a cultural war, and it’s a spiritual war,” Ogles said after he won his primary. “And as we go forward, we’ve got to get back to honoring God and country.”
    1. As the British prime minister WilliamGladstone put it at the time in the Edinburgh Review, speaking of the remarkablePrussian success in the Franco-Prussian War: ‘Undoubtedly, the conduct of thecampaign, on the German side, has given a marked triumph to the cause ofsystematic popular education.’
  6. Oct 2022
    1. The February 15 report of the OSCE Special Monitoring Mission to Ukraine recorded some 41 explosions in the ceasefire areas. This increased to 76 explosions on Feb 16, 316 on Feb 17, 654 on Feb 18, 1413 on Feb 19, a total of 2026 of Feb 20 and 21 and 1484 on Feb 22. The OSCE mission reports showed that the great majority of impact explosions of the artillery were on the separatist side of the ceasefire line.

      The OSCE (Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe) showed a dramatic increase in ceasefire violations predominantly on the side of the separatists in Luhansk and Donetsk.

  7. Aug 2022
    1. Who's for the Game? - Jessie Pope

      Who's for the game, the biggest that's played,

      The red crashing game of a fight?

      Who'll grip and tackle the job unafraid?

      And who thinks he'd rather sit tight?

      Who'll toe the line for the signal to Go?

      Who'll give his country a hand?

      Who wants a turn to himself in the show?

      And who wants a seat in the stand?

      Who knows it won't be a picnic - not much -

      This line gives a bit of insight into Pope herself, she is very clearly not able to be a solider yet finds it admirable and heroic for the men who are sacrificing their lives. She encourages the foolish bravery and obliviousness of the young men, embraces it even further by comparing the upcoming carnage as not much unlike a picnic. A picnic is a universal sign of comfort, tranquillity, and peace. Pope is wanting the boys to perceive war to be a game they are able to tap out of easily so that they enlist, and enlist in large quantities. She is feeding into their optimistic, hopeful, and unfortunately naïve mindset that the war will not be on for long and that you simply need to wield a gun to defend yourself as your opposing side is the only danger. Pope describing war to be, to an extent, similar to a picnic with the phrase "not much" is distinctly manipulative and cunning yet not blaringly so, letting boys be swiftly influenced by the propaganda into joining so they can join in on the fun.

      Yet eagerly shoulders a gun?

      Who would much rather come back with a crutch

      Then lie low and be out of the fun?

      Come along, lads -

      The language/utilisation of 'along' indicates there being already a large mass of enthusiastic participants that you would join along with, along to. This emphasises how glorified and fulfilling each man or boy believes war to be. In a way it is igniting our inner Herd Mentality with each boy knowing he will be ridiculed if he is not an element of the incoming bloodshed.

      The use of the word "lads" highlights (spotlights) the target audience, young, proud, prideful, and foolish lads.

      But you'll come on all right -

      This line is clear evidence of Pope moulding the optimism that everyone, for the sake of their sanity and health, held onto tightly. It is the hopefulness that you will be able to go into a dangerous situation and be invincible, immortal, untouchable because you are unlike no other.

      The direct pronouns Pope uses in the poem are no mistake, the pronouns 'you', 'yours', etc were put in this poem for men and boys alike at the time to feel targeted personally by Pope, she is assuring him that she has faith in him and that he will come back practically untouched apart from a bit more blood under his shoes.

      She is moulding this optimism to say to the readers without explicitly writing it, "you're capable of being strong enough to come home while others might not. You are able to do this while others cannot. You will come home." She has faith in him, even if she does not know who he is.

      For there's only one course to pursue,

      Direct implication that war is the one thing you should, must do. Pope is almost guilting the reader into thinking his only purpose is to be a weapon for his country, his home and leave that home to possibly die alone and painfully.

      Your country is up to her neck in a fight,

      And she's looking and calling for you.

      FLIRTY: Form/fixture, Language, Imagery, Rhythm/rhyme, Tone/thematic concern, Your interpretation of the poem

    1. Does it Matter? - Siegfried Sassoon

      Does it matter?—losing your legs?...

      Repetition involving the thought of 'does it matter?' emphasises the pondering he does as to whether any of the losses he has dealt with truly means anything.

      For people will always be kind,

      He is wondering if it means anything to have experienced a loss right in front of your own eyes - possibly haunting you for eternity when you're both awake and asleep - when you will have the kindness, respect, and admiration from your peers until the day you die and possibly afterwards too.

      And you need not show that you mind

      When the others come in after hunting

      To gobble their muffins and eggs.

      Does it matter?—losing your sight?...

      There’s such splendid work for the blind;

      And people will always be kind,

      This repeated line almost verbatim to the one above stresses the bittersweet glory he gets for fighting and surviving long enough to process the propaganda that had most definitely been the main contributor to his eagerness to unknowingly pursue a harrowing ordeal.

      As you sit on the terrace remembering

      And turning your face to the light.

      Do they matter?—those dreams from the pit?...

      Noticeable shift in the question, it is now referencing a recurring event, 'dreams' is in a plural form, there is no word of it ending or having ended meaning that the memories have stayed with him in his mind where he can't control the frequency, the timing, etc. He is a slave to his own mind replaying his darkest days even when he came home 'in one piece' long ago.

      You can drink and forget and be glad,

      He now has the privilege to drinks and celebrations; the end of both his country and his own war, he has all the opportunities in the world to be praised, glorified, and made to be a hero, rightfully so. He now has the privilege to be joyful.

      And people won’t say that you’re mad;

      And the people who do see the side effects of the horrors will at most look on in pity, understanding in a way which is both ignorant and oblivious.

      For they’ll know you’ve fought for your country

      For he has done the greatest of services! He has fought and won, he has proven his worth to his country for grappling the heavy weight of death and destruction.

      And no one will worry a bit.

    1. If conservatives are right about the importance of virtue, morality, religious faith, stability, character and so on in the individual; if they are right about sexual morality or what came to be termed “family values”; if they are right about the importance of education to inculcate good character and to teach the fundamentals that have defined knowledge in the West for millennia; if they are right about societal norms and public order; if they are right about the centrality of initiative, enterprise, industry, and thrift to a sound economy and a healthy society; if they are right about the soul-sapping effects of paternalistic Big Government and its cannibalization of civil society and religious institutions; if they are right about the necessity of a strong defense and prudent statesmanship in the international sphere—if they are right about the importance of all this to national health and even survival, then they must believe—mustn’t they?—that we are headed off a cliff.

      A breathless paragraph that does articulate well and generously the conservative (nay) reactionary position of those who year to return to an "orange" (or even amber) order before the arrival of green.

      The issue is they want to go back rather than forward which is the only option. We need to "transclude" green -- and orange and amber. Yes we do want virtue, and values, and (probably) a reduced government -- and more. And we need to recognize difference and systematic injustice and a multiplicity of perspectives. And go beyond that into something new.

      This ultimately is simply reactionary. One can sympathize and appreciate it. One imagine what it was like for Catholics in their old ordered world with the all good things of the high middle ages bemoaning the arrival of the protestant heretics. But there is no going back. We can go forward -- and still take much of what was good from that past.

    1. used for project management. The logistics for the Gulf War were managed on index cards. Read "Moving Mountains" by Lt. General George Pagonis.

      Example of index cards used for project management.

  8. www.janeausten.pludhlab.org www.janeausten.pludhlab.org
    1. 1814

      This is the only Austen novel (I think! please correct me) set in a definite stated time. It's because there's a lull in the war which readers know will impact the Navy after the events of the novel conclude. (Do check out Synchronous *Emma* a project tracking the events of the novel in real time)

    1. Bloodcurdling war cries are a universal way of striking terror in foes. Maori war chants, the Japanese battle cry "Banzai!" (Long Live the Emperor) in World War II, the Ottomans' "Vur Ha!" (Strike), the Spanish "Desperta Ferro!" (Awaken the Iron), and the "Rebel Yell" of Confederate soldiers are examples. In antiquity, the sound of Greek warriors bellowing "Alala!" while banging swords on bronze shields was likened to hooting owls or a screeching flock of monstrous birds.
    2. in 202 B.C., blasts of Roman war trumpets panicked Carthaginian general Hannibal's war elephants in the Battle of Zama, ending the Second Punic War.
  9. Jul 2022
    1. Hayek worried they would never let go

      Once the government has control of the economy, will they ever let go?

    1. "The attack cast serious doubt on the credibility of Russia's commitment," US Secretary of State Antony Blinken said

      Because that is the problem, this attack is what puts doubts about the credibility

  10. Jun 2022
    1. Between 1914 and 1980, inequalities in income and wealth decreasedmarkedly in the Western world as a whole (the United Kingdom,Germany, France, Sweden, and the United States), and in Japan,Russia, China, and India, although in different ways, which we willexplore in a later chapter. Here we will focus on the Western countriesand improve our understanding of how this “great redistribution”took place.

      Inequalities in income and wealth decreased markedly in the West from 1914 to 1980 due to a number of factors including:<br /> - Two World Wars and the Great Depression dramatically overturned the power relationships between labor and capital<br /> - A progressive tax on income and inheritance reduced the concentration of wealth and helped increase mobility<br /> - Liquidation of foreign and colonial assets as well as dissolution of public debt

    1. In 1968, he resigned as Secretary of Defense to become President of the World Bank.

      Similarly Paul Wolfowitz was U.S. Deputy Secretary of Defense running the U.S. war in Iraq before leaving to become the 10th President of the World Bank.

      McNamara was the 5th President of the World Bank.

  11. May 2022
    1. Impact of Israeli strike in Gaza akin to chemical weapons, NGO report finds

      This is not war crime, but it works in this manner. This was a justification to affect agricultural production in order to make life more difficult for the residents of Palestine.

    1. the current global military buildup could represent a situation whereby many nations are entering, unconsciously or perhaps because there seems to be no other option, into a new type of mutually assured destruction (MAD) scenario, or even the Homo sapiens death spiral.

      It sucks enormous material and energy resources whose purpose is to destroy built environments, human lives, nonhuman lives and the built environment .... not very climate friendly! Military spending only sucks up valuable resources required to fight the climate change hyperthreat.

    2. The global security environment has degraded. Worldwide, increased military spending reflects expectations of greater conflict during the decade between 2022 and 2030, including the prospect of major intrastate warfare.

      The complexity, as the recent Russian invasion of Ukraine of war is that it is yet another feedback loop reinforcing the impact of the hyperobject. From a climate change perspective, war has the highest carbon footprint of all because it is actually the willful distruction of purpose-made human cultural objects that each have an embedded energy cost. Hence war requires the construction of offensive and defensive weapons and equipment, as well as munitions, whose sole purpose is destruction. This comes at its own embedded energy cost and the destruction of human lives and human infrastructure is also prematurely ending the human and material lifetimes of living beings and objects respectively, each of which required high energy cost to bring into existence. It also takes enormous energy resources to maintain armies.

    1. <small><cite class='h-cite via'> <span class='p-author h-card'>Treva B. Lindsey </span> in Abortion has been common in the US since the 18th century -- and debate over it started soon after (<time class='dt-published'>05/18/2022 12:10:32</time>)</cite></small>

      some interesting looking references at the bottom

  12. Apr 2022
  13. Mar 2022
    1. In the video, the soldiers of the special forces of the DPR described the real situation in Mariupol, criticizing the hooray-patriotic approach of many Russian and local journalists.

      Much down to earth report from a Donetsk fighter about Mariupol progress of Russian invasion, seems to be older than March 30.

    1. Putin's Early Bird History Book Russia's occupation on Ukraine and innocent mass murder marked a sign of harassing human life simply because of greed, arrogance and pride. Why they (or we) don't realize if those things only temporary and soon people will write you on the dark side of history books. Surely the topic is about "The most horrible humankind ever lived on earth". This book contains long list and every generation provide it and this period is you. Pray for your after life, Comrade!

      Humanity for all human As seen on: Free Ads Groups sidebar

    1. And this needs to be made explicit. EU leaders and Biden need to announce clearly and repeatedly that if Russian troops pull back from Ukraine, the sanctions will all be quickly dropped. The part about removing Putin from power shouldn’t be stated; it will be implicit, since Putin is unlikely to ever personally forge an enduring peace with Ukraine.

      It's important for the West to stop demonizing Putin - it's just an elaborate form of saber rattling. And here it is a method to go ahead.

    2. They need to not just pull their soldiers back from Ukraine, but implement some kind of guarantee of lasting peace — and to allow Ukraine to join the EU and NATO if it wishes.

      Impossible to have a truce agreement as proposed here (have just one country in NATO).

    1. Το «φρούριο Δύση» που συγκροτείται, ενάντια σε Ρωσία και Κίνα ξεκινάει και θα συνεχίσει στραμμένο τέρμα δεξιά με τα μισά του κανόνια να κοιτάνε προς τα μέσα.
    2. Προπαγάνδα λοιπόν είναι να θεωρείς ότι οι Πούτιν, Ζελένσκυ και Ερντογάν έχουν ως κοινό τους γνώρισμα τον αυταρχισμό, γιατί η αλήθεια είναι ότι το κοινό ανάμεσα τους είναι ότι έχουν, σε αντίθεση με τους Δυτικούς ομολόγους τους, ικανούς να τα καταφέρουν αντιπάλους που απειλούν την εθνική γραμμή. Μπορεί κάποιος να βρει μία δυτική χώρα που να υπάρχει ισχυρή νόμιμη αντιπολίτευση, που πραγματικά να απειλεί την εθνική γραμμή;

      Διεισδυτική παρατηρηση για την Δυτική πλανη με τους Δικτατορες: ειναι οι διαλεκτική σχεση των αντιπολιτεύσεών τους που τους διατηρεί αυταρχικούς.

    1. How Vladimir Putin’s childhood is affecting us all

      Putin is merely at the extreme end of the spectrum of people with ACE. Indeed we could take the title of this article and substitute with many other people, in public as well as our own private lives: How X's childhood is affecting us all. We all know at least one person we could substitute for X!

    1. “The choice that we faced in Ukraine — and I'm using the past tense there intentionally — was whether Russia exercised a veto over NATO involvement in Ukraine on the negotiating table or on the battlefield,” said George Beebe, a former director of Russia analysis at the CIA and special adviser on Russia to former Vice President Dick Cheney. “And we elected to make sure that the veto was exercised on the battlefield, hoping that either Putin would stay his hand or that the military operation would fail.”

      So invasion of Russia's in Ukraine had been explicitly provoked by CIA!

    1. « Η επιλογή που αντιμετωπίσαμε στην Ουκρανία — και χρησιμοποιώ σκόπιμα την ένταση του παρελθόντος εκεί — ήταν εάν η Ρωσία άσκησε βέτο για τη συμμετοχή του ΝΑΤΟ στην Ουκρανία στο τραπέζι των διαπραγματεύσεων ή στο πεδίο της μάχης» δήλωσε ο Τζορτζ Μπίμπε, πρώην διευθυντής ανάλυσης της Ρωσίας στη CIA και ειδικός σύμβουλος για τη Ρωσία στον πρώην αντιπρόεδρο Ντικ Τσένι. Παρακάτω: η πλήρης διάλεξη του Πανεπιστημίου του Σικάγου John J. Mearsheimer, η οποία τώρα γίνεται ιογενής.. Ο Μπίμπι της CIA ακολουθεί αυτή την σχεδόν απίστευτη ατάκα:  «Και εκλέξαμε για να βεβαιωθούμε ότι το βέτο ασκήθηκε στο πεδίο της μάχης, ελπίζοντας ότι είτε ο Πούτιν δεν θα το αποτολμήσει  είτε η επιχείρησή του θα αποτύχει”.

      Η μεταφραση ειναι χαλια, εδώ το αγγλικό κειμενο.


      Information warfare against Russian propaganda against its own people will not work.

    1. Imagine a Europe that ran on solar and wind power: whose cars ran on locally provided electricity, and whose homes were heated by electric air-source heat pumps. That Europe would not be funding Putin’s Russia, and it would be far less scared of Putin’s Russia—it could impose every kind of sanction, and keep them in place until the country buckled. Imagine an America where the cost of gas was not a political tripwire, because if people had to have a pickup to make them feel sufficiently manly, that pickup would run on electricity that came from the sun and wind. It would take an evil-er genius than Vladimir Putin to figure out how to embargo the sun.

      Defang fossil fuel funded authoritarian petro-states.

    2. Mass protests against Russia’s aggression combined with existing political pressure to move more quickly on climate change might lead to new policies to do yet more.

      The time is ripe for a converged march and to launch SRG Tipping Point Festival.

    3. At a global climate meeting Monday, Ukraine’s representative, Svitlana Krakovska, pointed out the connection: “Human-induced climate change and the war on Ukraine have the same roots—fossil fuels—and our dependence on them,”

      Kill two birds with one stone.

    1. The other thing which is different is that we are talking about superpowers. This is not a war between Israel and Hezbollah. This is potentially a war between Russia and NATO. 00:39:32 And even leaving aside nuclear weapons, this completely destabilizes the peace of the entire world. And again, I go back again and again to the budgets. That if Germany doubles its defense budget, if Poland doubles its defense budget, this will spread to every country in the world, and this is terrible news.

      This war could engulf the entire planet.

    2. If humans, some humans, start making bad decisions and start destroying the institutions that kept the peace, then we will be back in the era of war with budgets, military budgets going to 20, 30, 40 percent. It can happen. It's in our hands.

      An economic diversion of this scale would make it far more likely that humanity will not be able to prevent, but indeed accelerate planetary tipping points! Hence the urgency of this crisis for the climate movement. This implies that the climate movement and the antiwar movement must now synchronize resources and form a coherent, unified strategy

    3. I hope, for the sake of everybody -- Ukrainians, Russians and the whole of humanity -- that this war stops immediately. Because if it doesn't, it's not only the Ukrainians and the Russians 00:11:39 that will suffer terribly. Everybody will suffer terribly if this war continues. BG: Explain why. YNH: Because of the shock waves destabilizing the whole world. Let’s start with the bottom line: budgets. We have been living in an amazing era of peace in the last few decades. And it wasn't some kind of hippie fantasy. You saw it in the bottom line. 00:12:06 You saw it in the budgets. In Europe, in the European Union, the average defense budget of EU members was around three percent of government budget. And that's a historical miracle, almost. For most of history, the budget of kings and emperors and sultans, like 50 percent, 80 percent goes to war, goes to the army. 00:12:31 In Europe, it’s just three percent. In the whole world, the average is about six percent, I think, fact-check me on this, but this is the figure that I know, six percent. What we saw already within a few days, Germany doubles its military budget in a day. And I'm not against it. Given what they are facing, it's reasonable. For the Germans, for the Poles, for all of Europe to double their budgets. And you see other countries around the world doing the same thing. 00:12:58 But this is, you know, a race to the bottom. When they double their budgets, other countries look and feel insecure and double their budgets, so they have to double them again and triple them. And the money that should go to health care, that should go to education, that should go to fight climate change, this money will now go to tanks, to missiles, to fighting wars. 00:13:25 So there is less health care for everybody, and there is maybe no solution to climate change because the money goes to tanks. And in this way, even if you live in Australia, even if you live in Brazil, you will feel the repercussions of this war in less health care, in a deteriorating ecological crisis, 00:13:48 in many other things. Again, another very central question is technology. We are on the verge, we are already in the middle, actually, of new technological arms races in fields like artificial intelligence. And we need global agreement about how to regulate AI and to prevent the worst scenarios. How can we get a global agreement on AI 00:14:15 when you have a new cold war, a new hot war? So in this field, to all hopes of stopping the AI arms race will go up in smoke if this war continues. So again, everybody around the world will feel the consequences in many ways. This is much, much bigger than just another regional conflict.

      Harari makes some excellent points here. Huge funds originally allocated to fighting climate change and the other anthropocene crisis will be diverted to military spending. Climate change, biodiversity, etc will lose. Only the military industrial complex will win.

      Remember that the military industry is unique. It's only purpose is to consume raw materials and capacity in order to destroy. What is the carbon footprint of a bomb or a bullet?

    4. his long-term goal, the whole rationale of the war, 00:07:47 is to deny the existence of the Ukrainian nation and to absorb it into Russia. And to do that, it's not enough to conquer Ukraine. You also need to hold it. And it's all based on this fantasy, on this gamble, that most of the population in Ukraine would agree to this, would even welcome this. 00:08:11 And we already know that it's not true. That the Ukrainians are a very real nation; they are fiercely independent; they don’t want to be part of Russia; they will fight like hell. And in the long-run, again, you can conquer a country, But as the Russians learned in Afghanistan, as the Americans learned also in Afghanistan, also in Iraq, it's much harder to hold a country.

      Does Putin know this? Do his advisors know this? If so, is the current targeting of civilians all to save face? What a price to pay!

    1. in which we retaliated for an attack on our soil

      Retaliation should have been directed against wahabis in S>Arabia - occupying a whole nation to hunt down a person is a sentimental but flimsy pretext.

    2. in which we intervened in a civil war

      Vietnam's civil war was a pretext - spheres of influence was the culprit, as it happened with the [[Greek Civil War]].

  14. Feb 2022
    1. Its most important feature has been a major change in the very meaning of the term “peace”

      Os conceitos de «Paz» contemporânea (existência de entendimentos) e a antiga (ausência de guerra, reconhecendo a iminência de conflitos)

    1. “We think there will be a need to rethink the whole security situation if these Russian troops and weapons are here to stay [in Belarus] as they appear,”

      Was Belarus allying itself to Russia really that unexpected?

    1. But if you look at [the demands Putin made of the west before invading], it’s not just Ukraine.

      Putin's stated goal isn't even about Ukraine directly, just about preventing its shift to the west politically. https://youtu.be/1qS6J-WbTD8?t=1364

  15. Jan 2022
    1. In the early 1480's the aging lutenist retreated to shelter at Mantua from the war that had broken out between Ferrara and Venice, and he had not yet returned in the early months of 1484, when Caleffini mentions the report of his supposed death. By 1486 he had certainly returned, however, when another diplomatie assign ment forced him to départ a

      Wasn't the Villa Belfiore burned down around this time?



    1. Lucas said in a statement last night, "I'm glad my colleagues in the Senate recognize the importance of investing in research and combating the growing threat from the Chinese Communist Party, but I believe that effort must be as focused and strategic as our adversary is on accelerating research and development."

      The key word is 'a potential turf war' with regards to which path to channel the funding versus funding an instrument DOE that has existed and produced efficiently over 60 years. With over $17 billion already redirected to the Department of Energy National labs, the country is set to improve upon its sector and at the end of the day, more concerns should be based on what America is benefiting from institution it pours funding in, not necessarily a turf war in innovations, that it has to ignore sectors like the DOE that produces or discovers something that benefit the regular American on a daily basis.

  16. Dec 2021
    1. Η παράγραφος 1) του συγκεκριμένου άρθρου της Συμφωνίας, είναι αρκετά συγκεκριμένη, με ονομαστική αναφορά: «Συμμετοχή σε κοινές αναπτύξεις δυνάμεων ή αναπτύξεις σε θέατρα επιχειρήσεων προς υποστήριξη κοινών συμφερόντων, όπως, για παράδειγμα, τις υπό γαλλική διοίκηση επιχειρήσεις στο Σαχέλ».

      Τελικα, παλι fake διακινούσε ο Πρωθυπουργός μας για τη Γαλλική συμφωνία.

  17. Nov 2021
    1. Last year Joshua Katz, a popular Princeton classics professor, wrote an article critical of a letter published by a group of Princeton faculty on race. In response The Daily Princetonian, a student newspaper, spent seven months investigating his past relationships with students, eventually convincing university officials to relitigate incidents from years earlier that had already been adjudicated—a classic breach of James Madison’s belief that no one should be punished for the same thing twice. The Daily Princetonian investigation looks more like an attempt to ostracize a professor guilty of wrong-think than an attempt to bring resolution to a case of alleged misbehavior.

      The example of Joshua Katz brings up the idea of double jeopardy within the social sphere. Is this form of punishment ethical or fair? Also, while those transgressions were held to account by the norms of their day, were there other larger harms (entailing unwritten rules) to humanity that weren't adjudicated at the time which are now coming to the surface as part of a bigger aggregate harm?

      It could be seen as related to the idea of reparations. In some sense, aside from the general harms of war—in which they participated—the South and slave holders in particular were never held to account or punished for their crimes against humanity. Though they may have felt as if they were. Where are those harms adjudicated? Because of a quirk of fate and poor politics following the Civil War and not being held to account, have those in the South continued perpetuating many of the same harms they were doing, simply in different guises? When will they be held to account? How would reparations look in the form of a national level of restorative justice?

    1. Εκτιμάται ότι το ΗΒ θα αξιοποιήσει τις Βρετανικές βάσεις στην Κύπρο προκειμένου να παραμείνει ενεργή δύναμη στην Ανατολική Μεσόγειο και να ανασχεθεί ο Γαλλικός παράγων. Αυτό ελλοχεύει τον κίνδυνο ως εγγυήτρια δύναμη να ταυτισθεί με τα Τουρκικά συμφέροντα. Απαιτείται επαγρύπνηση και ισχυρό lobbying.

      Οπως στον [[Α' ΠΠ]], η συμμαχίες ξεκιναν ενα ντόμινο, με Ελλάδα-Γαλλία να αντιπαρατίθεται σε Βρετανία-Γερμανία-Τουρκία.

  18. Oct 2021
    1. Would conscripted workers produce as strong an economy as those who could act of their own free will?

      A fascinating economic question.

      What happens if we extend from one or two countries against each other to multiple countries? What happens when we expand this to the entire world?

      As Charles Eliot says in the end:

      A precious lesson of the war will be this: Toward every kind of national efficiency discipline is good, and cooperation is good; but for the highest efficiency both should be consented to in liberty.

  19. Sep 2021
  20. Aug 2021
    1. Often wars are caused by one country's wish to take control of another country's wealth. Whatever the other reasons for a war may be, there is almost always an economic motive underlying most conflicts, even if the stated aim of the war is presented to the public as something more noble.

      Economic gain is the ever present underlying motive for wars.

  21. Jul 2021
    1. Ebooks don’t have those limitations, both because of how readily new editions can be created and how simple it is to push “updates” to existing editions after the fact. Consider the experience of Philip Howard, who sat down to read a printed edition of War and Peace in 2010. Halfway through reading the brick-size tome, he purchased a 99-cent electronic edition for his Nook e-reader:As I was reading, I came across this sentence: “It was as if a light had been Nookd in a carved and painted lantern …” Thinking this was simply a glitch in the software, I ignored the intrusive word and continued reading. Some pages later I encountered the rogue word again. With my third encounter I decided to retrieve my hard cover book and find the original (well, the translated) text. For the sentence above I discovered this genuine translation: “It was as if a light had been kindled in a carved and painted lantern …”A search of this Nook version of the book confirmed it: Every instance of the word kindle had been replaced by nook, in perhaps an attempt to alter a previously made Kindle version of the book for Nook use. Here are some screenshots I took at the time:It is only a matter of time before the retroactive malleability of these forms of publishing becomes a new area of pressure and regulation for content censorship. If a book contains a passage that someone believes to be defamatory, the aggrieved person can sue over it—and receive monetary damages if they’re right. Rarely is the book’s existence itself called into question, if only because of the difficulty of putting the cat back into the bag after publishing.

      This story of find and replace has chilling future potential. What if a dictatorial government doesn't like your content. It can be all to easy to remove the digital versions and replace them whole hog for "approved" ones.

      Where does democracy live in such a world? Consider similar instances when the Trump administration forced the disappearance of government websites and data.

    1. This new edition is based on an exhaustive two-year study by the Designer of the records that have come to light since the fall of the Berlin Wall. The game combines highly accurate information on the forces the Warsaw Pact actually had with now de-classified reports from the CIA and the Defense Intelligence Agency regarding what satellite surveillance and HUMINT revealed about their actual plans.
  22. May 2021
    1. he effect was to convince the ruling groups of all countries that a few more atomic bombs would mean the end of organized society, and hence of their own power. Thereafter, although no formal agreement was ever made or hinted at, no more bombs were dropped. All three powers merely continue to produce atomic bombs and store them up against the decisive opportunity which they all believe will come sooner or later. And meanwhile the art of war has remained almost stationary for thirty or forty years.
    2. The essential act of war is destruction, not necessarily of human lives, but of the products of human labour.
    3. On the contrary, war hysteria is continuous and universal in all countries, and such acts as raping, looting, the slaughter of children, the reduction of whole populations to slavery, and reprisals against prisoners which extend even to boiling and burying alive, are looked upon as normal, and, when they are committed by one's own side and not by the enemy, meritorious.
    4. It was rather more of a shock to him when he discovered from some chance remark that she did not remember that Oceania, four years ago, had been at war with Eastasia and at peace with Eurasia. It was true that she regarded the whole war as a sham: but apparently she had not even noticed that the name of the enemy had changed. 'I thought we'd always been at war with Eurasia,' she said vaguely. It frightened him a little.

      Julia's memory issues with war

  23. Apr 2021
    1. Adolf Eichmann

      From Wikipedia:

      Otto Adolf Eichmann was a German-Austrian SS-Obersturmbannführer and one of the major organizers of the Holocaust—the "Final Solution to the Jewish Question" in Nazi terminology.

  24. Mar 2021
    1. An answer to Mr. Bendetsen's testimony came from Milton S. Eisenhower, former president of Johns Hopkins University, who in 1942 directed the Federal War Relocation Authority.In a written statement, Mr. Eisenhower, who was unable to attend because of illness, called the internment of Japanese-Americans ''an inhuman mistake.'' Moreover, he said, the threat of Japanese forces' invading the West Coast was ''extremely remote.''He said that the relocation furor could have been avoid, ''had not false and flaming statements been dinned into the people of the West Coast by irresponsible commentators and politicians.''
  25. Feb 2021
  26. Jan 2021
    1. Secular Kemalist rhetoric relieved some of the international concerns about the future of Armenians who had survived the 1915 Armenian genocide, and support for Kurdish self determination similarly declined.

      Mustafa Kamal Ataturk wisdom in the defence of Turkey

    1. On 19 February 1915, British and French ships began a naval assault on the Dardanelles. The fighting culminated in a heavy setback for the Allies on 18 March due to large losses from Turkish mines. ... The Dardanelles campaign remains one of the First World War's most controversial episodes.

      Demolition of Ottoman Empire

  27. Dec 2020
    1. But so far, somewhat miraculously, we have figured out how to live with the bomb. Now we need to learn how to survive the social web.

      It's a sad thought that these two ideas can or need to be thought of in such close juxtaposition.

    1. A new study that found traces of coronavirus in US blood samples from December last year is adding to the growing evidence that the virus was circulating for months before China announced its existence, casting more shadows over the truth about the pandemic and fuelling suspicions of a cover-up by Beijing. 

      We know nothing about covid.

  28. Sep 2020
    1. loss of Silesia

      Conquered from Maria Theresa during the War of Austrian Succession in violation of the Pragmatic Sanction of 1713, to which Frederick was a signatory.

      In many ways, this is seen as an example of Realpolitik, in which a nation's strategic strength is the determining factor in how it conducts policy (rather than promises or a sense of honour). This is a concept that will become increasingly important in Prussian policy into the 19th century, under Bismarck.

  29. Aug 2020
    1. Much of the fire-suppression apparatus — the crews themselves, the infrastructure that supports them — is contracted out to private firms. “The Halliburton model from the Middle East is kind of in effect for all the infrastructure that comes into fire camps,” Beasley said, referencing the Iraq war. “The catering, the trucks that you can sleep in that are air-conditioned…”
  30. Jun 2020
    1. The results suggest that, in addition to a distinct beginning and end to the unprecedented bloodshed of 1910-1950, there was another abrupt shift towards a greater level of peace in the early 1990s.
  31. May 2020
  32. Dec 2019
    1. What rural Ohio makes of Turkey-Syria crisis

      This could be about really any town in the US. Except for some college towns and big cities, most Americans live in mostly remote places -- in an actual sense or in an intellectual sense. Let's read this warm-up article together. Please leave your actual name in the responses unless your ID is the school ID (for me, that would be Baekk).

  33. Oct 2019
  34. s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com s3.us-west-2.amazonaws.com
    1. AtthistimeaprofessedlyfriéndlyIndtoldmenha$hiscountrymenhadbeenholdingacoEulneil&hadasterminedtadriveallthewhites£30mthepumehasedtémriboxythattheyweregoing£0killallcuraéntle&ifwewerestillherewhenthayhadkilled&eatenthemnhey[woulalkillusgMéantimetheywereinsistentintheexitemetheydiénotintendtoenterourhousewithouttheirdrawnknives0rwaralubsinnheirhands&snillcentinuednebagforfood.

      Seymour says a Native told him that they were planning on driving the white people out of the land

    2. isexcitedtoahighdegreetheangeroftheSiouxwhothreatenedtotakevengeanceontheChippewayswherevertheycouldfindthemAsPokegomawas'theirnearestpointofattacktheyweredaily(forsomeweeks,)expectedthere.TheSpiritorherseemedtohavetakenentirepossessionofthem.neanwhiletheyassenbledtoaconsiderablenumbernearourhousetoholda.ned1cineDanceforthebenefitofawomanwhohadburnther—selfinash§kingmannerwithpowder'AfterbeingthereafewdaystheyheldtheirDance.TheynowshowedtheiranimositytowardthePrayingIndiansthoseespeciallywhohadrecentlyrenouncedthemiteui.‘A-pertofth

      Chippeway murder 13 Sioux, and Sioux seek revenge

    3. IshallstandmygrounduntilIseetheprovclearlyindicatesthatIshouldremove.Iknownotwhatthefuturewilldevelop.

      Boutwell is scared of another attack, but resolves to stay on

    4. tthetimeofthemelancholly[sic]occurrenceMrA.wasabsentfromthecountry.Hereturnedtohispost(SandyLake)onthenrstofJan.&ontheeightharrivedherewithapartyofmeninpursuitofthemurdere

      Aitkins oldest son was murdered, and he went out with a party for the killer

    1. shallhavethemeansofaidingtheInds,iftheyreturn&supportingmyfamilywithoutcallingupontheBeardanotheryaa

      Boutwell has resources, now that most Natives have fled war

    2. GodinhieProvidencehasagainbroughtmyoelf'afamilywithinashortdistanceofFeeon1&0!&thereasonofthisMovement,13,inshortth

      After war erupted at Pokegoma, the mission families decided to leave, some of whom wanted to go to La Pointe and others to Fond du Lac

    1. willnowgiveyouafewitemsofourdomestichistoryforafewmonthspast

      Boutwell's account of encountering the Ojibwe as they fled the Sioux

    2. arhasdeoolatedPokegoma0nthemognmhgofthe24thofMaymorethan100SiouxfelluponourquietgottlamentandintwoohorthoursmadeitasceneofWe.andd

      Sioux attack Pokegoma and level it - not many die, but everyone leaves North after the attack



    1. mmediateprep—arationsweremadeforwa

      The Ojibwe bands are getting for war to avenge 100 that were killed by Sioux in the past summer



  35. Sep 2019
    1. Icanonlysay,thatabout3weekssincetheSiouxfellupontwopartiesofOjibueyontheirreturnhomeironSt.Peter's&‘kill—ed96.

      Sioux attacked the Ojibwe and killed 96 people



  36. Aug 2019
    1. hisband&severalothersinthevicinityarenowsmokingthepipeofpeacewiththeSiouxs

      bands around Leech lake have made peace with the Sioux

    2. Mr.Hallmaybeinformed,thathisundertakingisnotonlysanctioned,butcordiallyapproved

      Department of war approves a Mission as well

    3. nacarexpeditionagainsttheirenemies,thewarpipeissent.Thisistheinvitation.Ifit‘ieaccepted,thepartyispledgedtojoinintheexpedition.Thedifferentbandsseldomornevermakewaroneachother.Theyarelesssavageandferociousthanmanyofthetribeswhichhavebeenfoundonourfrontiers.Theyhaveseldombeenknowntocommitoutrageousactsofbarbarityexceptwhenprovokedtoit.Theyseekrevengeformurderbysheddingblood

      ojibwe war rituals involve no in-fighting, and revenge for members of their band's that are killed

    1. iatinguiSEOd.batni§”na§F§hba:fdnght':~,..:#1:?)‘'*bahsrnth~0317u01&.theSiouxatnalatturofwh~mwegrin%le&guaziththePox&.a.TheOjibuosi~am-naéd-waaa-gieiégéenagahawere_ledby"rJohnston'sGrand-Fathei&listihgnished0h1e£?6n_tnquothérp,_-i‘‘;.1‘Van\‘.-r'.LefttheInllsat7A.:.&ascendedasuriemof“§ééigéwhichageaide,wereVictori

      Old Battle between Ojibwe and Sioux/Fox/Saoko(?) - Ojibwe won

    2. ucalluschildren.isarenotohildrn.bunman

      from here until the bottom of the next page, Boutwell repeats the speech the Chief gave to the tour about their war against the Sioux Main Points: the war is to avenge the death of men, women, and children killed by the Sioux

    3. Lakert’pinc‘a'niteuin,1.6.whereHwykilledus.ItissonamedfromtheSioux'ehereonchemurderingswholefamilyofOjihues

      Lake Topinoniteuin (where they killed us) - a band of Sioux killed an entire Ojibwe family

    4. Siouxembankmen

      at this part of the river, the Sioux have set up a hiding spot where they can easily kill anyone travelling by the river

    5. wasperformedaroundthegravesofthede

      the scalp dance was performed around the graves of the deceased Ojibwe

    6. tWM‘Lodbrthrow“qu-3,r;.1hearinginh.oneoftherecent30.11139.

      the "scalp dance" to celebrate the recent victory over the Sioux is led by three Squaws

    7. thelodgedirectlybefore.‘eeresuspenéledthreehuman.scalpe.Th

      the scalps of the killed Sioux hang in a lodge in the encampment they visit

    8. ioux'acametothetradingpostatPambipén§itn§?etheyaétlpéd.achildafl

      Sioux party came to Pombinau trading post and killed a child - revenge was had by Ojibwe's who killed 4 of the Sioux Party

    9. ‘nanhagJusta:ivedfromLeech.§ake,who1n£ormé~--‘-3_usorthereturnofthqPillagerafromtheirgtarpgxphrsigntuThagimhta'A‘s;-\‘l11.5;gf.“.u-3?V.‘''“‘."45:413‘LawarpartyoftheSioux'aAbothpartiesdennetoaqégeatorgfotedgqth.TheOjibuealostonoman,&killedthreeSionijgitnoéé's¢a1nénéhggf'his.usthat-téhnérty.H,*broughthomerejoici

      man arrives to the party from Leech Lake Pillagers from a war excursion Ojibwe's lost one man, Sioux lost 3 men (their scalps were brought home to celebrate the success)

    10. awar~paxtyharegone*fromLeashLakeagainsttheSioux'a.TheparnyconsistsOf160strong.TnoaeInds.&theirdamiliesareontheirta}tLhaan

      A war party has recently passed where the missionaries are camping, they are going from Loeoh Lake against the Sioux

  37. Jul 2019