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  1. Apr 2024
    1. Chillingly, Nestle, writing in Stuttgart in 1940 and though no Nazi, argues that the great maturation from mythos to logos “seems to have been reserved from the Aryan peoples” (quoted p. 30).

      From mythos to logos as an evolution that was destined for the Aryan people in the view of Nestle

  2. Jan 2024
    1. 0:12 "demokratie" ist nur ein anderes wort für sozialismus, weil sozialismus hat irgendwie einen schlechten ruf, hmm, warum nur... bürokratie? misswirtschaft? ineffizienz? kurzsicht? aggressive expansion?<br /> "die nazis" von 1933 waren auch sozialisten, und die sind nie verschwunden, die "entnazifizierung" war nur show für leichtgläubige, weil so nazi-gesetze wie schulzwang und sozialversicherung sind noch heute aktiv.<br /> und noch heute werden alle kinder zum sozialismus erzogen durch "staatlich geprüfte" erzieher, und so radikale staatsfeinde wie ich haben erziehungsverbot (entzug von sorgerecht für das kindeswohl)

  3. Dec 2023
  4. Nov 2023
    1. "Der Verfassungsschutz hat die Aufgabe, Bürger vor Verfassungsfeinden zu schützen."

      und wer schützt mich vor "bürger"? also vor "zivilisten"?

      das hier ist noch mehr sozialdarwinismus, also "survival of the social",<br /> also sozialisten, die unter sich sein wollen in ihrer echokammer, eugenik.<br /> "antisoziale" menschen sollen ausgerottet werden, euthanasie.

      der witz ist, ein antisoziales weltbild ist angeboren,<br /> es ist ausdruck von angeborenem persönlichkeitstyp.

      erziehung kann den subtyp ändern,<br /> aber wir brauchen alle persönlichkeitstypen für eine "gerechte" welt,<br /> für ein biodynamisches gleichgewicht, für symbiose.

      also die sozialdarwinisten sagen:<br /> "die natur ist schuld, dass unser sozialismus nicht funktioniert,<br /> also müssen wir eine hälfte der natur ausrotten."

      ich sage:<br /> "wenn ihr die halbe natur ausrotten müsst, damit eure erwartungen erfüllt werden,<br /> dann habt ihr falsche erwartungen."

      aber ja... sozialisten (und pazifisten) sind schon circa 10.000 jahre auf diesem "trip",<br /> dass sie die natur "beherrschen" müssen, damit ihre "schöne" zivilisation funktioniert.

      und wie immer, diese idealisten interessieren sich keine sekunde für das "hier und jetzt",<br /> sondern es geht immer um eine "bessere" zukunft oder ein "besseres" leben nach dem tod.

      also die sozialisten marschieren wieder...<br /> in dem sinn: leute, wir sehn uns im knast

  5. Jun 2023
    1. 6:30

      This book was not easy to write. [...] This book tried my patriotism, and it stretched it to thin, to a string. Because as I went through these documents, and looked at the behavior of my country, it was appalling. It was shocking, that we were involved in things that we've been involved in over the last 50 years. In fact, I got chastised for bringing up a word that I find ironic, I guess you're not supposed to use. When you read this, what bothered me, but I'll use it. I tell it like it is. I believe, in many instances in this book, you can substitute the word Nazi and it works. There's behavior in this book that is as you'd expect it from the Nazi's. But it isn't the Nazi's, it's us. It’s our country.

      yes, operation paperclip.

      the US government recruited literal Nazi scientists for the US military and secret services.

      also here in germany, the "denazification" was only for show, to deceive a naive public. obviously, the puppet masters have never changed, and also many of their puppets have continued their work in government and industry.

      fun fact: Theodor Pfizer was a nazi collaborateur. yes, the same Pfizer family as the pharma corporation Pfizer.

  6. Apr 2023
  7. Feb 2023
    1. But algorithmic content moderation systems are more pervasive on the modern Internet, and often end up silencing marginalized communities and important discussions.

      What about non-marginalized toxic communities like Neo-Nazis?

  8. Mar 2022
  9. Jan 2022
  10. Oct 2021
    1. Literally everyone is just following orders from the machine.

      Fascist Architecture

      See Eichmann in Jerusalem: A Report on the Banality of Evil by Hannah Arendt.

      “It spells out so clearly that Nazi Germany’s worst atrocities and many atrocities the world over were not only the ideas of singular evil men. They were supported and enacted by systems, by groups of people who woke up in the morning and went to offices to work on it.”

      — Avery Trufelman, Nice Try! Podcast

  11. Sep 2021
  12. Feb 2018
    1. But the Allied campaign failed, and the Nazis punished the Netherlands by blocking food supplies, plunging much of the country into famine. By the time the Netherlands was liberated in May 1945, more than 20,000 people had died of starvation.
    2. “We found a 10 percent increase in mortality after 68 years,” said Dr. Lumey.

      What is the significance of this data? What questions do you have about the data to validate it? If you were asked to discuss these findings in a DBQ, what concerns would you have? What other information do you need to draw an informed conclusion?

  13. Jan 2018
    1. Burdekin was born in 1896 in Derbyshire, England. Her parents wouldn’t allow her go to Oxford, as her brothers had, so she married an Olympic rower, had two daughters, immigrated to Australia, started writing, left her husband, and then returned to England. The 1930s were her most fecund creative period, when she wrote 13 novels, six of which were published.

      Amazing that I've not heard of her. Need to learn more.