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  1. Jul 2023
  2. Jun 2023
    1. Second, the social life of annotation is of greater importance than individual reader response. Annotation must be studied and promoted as a social endeavor that is co-authored by groups of annotators, with interactive media, spanning on-the-ground and online settings, and in response to shared commitments.

      When will we get the civil disobedience version of Mortimer J. Adler's How to Mark a Book?

  3. Apr 2023
    1. In Frankreich entwickeln Naturfreund:innen neue Organisations- und Aktionsformen zum Schutz der Biodiversität. Sie orientieren sich an der ZAD (zu verteidigen Zone) von Notre-Dame-des-Landes und den Soulèvements de la Terre. Sie finden Verbündete in Arten wie Dohlen und Binden, die die Zerstörung der Natur durch ihre Lebensweise aufhalten oder verhindern können.

  4. Apr 2022
  5. Nov 2021
    1. Social convention, which has for so long worked against us, can if flipped become our greatest source of power, normalising what now seems radical and weird. If we can simultaneously trigger a cascading regime shift in both technology and politics, we might stand a chance. It sounds like a wild hope. But we have no choice. Our survival depends on raising the scale of civil disobedience until we build the greatest mass movement in history, mobilising the 25% who can flip the system.

      This is the core philosophy behind Stop Reset Go, but NOT NECESSARILY just in the direction of civil disobedience. To invest only in that is to put all our eggs in one basket that top down actors will be pressured beyond a certain threshold. It may happen, it may not, or it may just take too long. We must diversify and also invest in systematized bottom-up efforts.

  6. Apr 2021
  7. Jan 2014
    1. Until academics get their acts together and start using new modes of publication, we need to recognize that actions like Aaron Swartz's civil disobedience are legitimate.

      Justification for civil disobedience

    2. The consensus so far has been that Swartz did something wrong by accessing and releasing millions of academic papers from the JSTOR archive.

      Background on the Aaron Swartz act of civil disobedience:


    3. "There is no justice in following unjust laws. It's time to come into the light and, in the grand tradition of civil disobedience, declare our opposition to this private theft of public culture."

      Civil disobedience is indeed a grand tradition... and what are the conditions under which to declare it is time to act again?