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  1. Oct 2021
    1. Drawing from his own experiences fighting for the French resistance against the Vichy regime, Ellul offers a unique insight into the propaganda machine.

      Why is Jacques Ellul believable when he takes a psychological and sociological approach to understanding propaganda? Because he lived through the Nazi invasion of his own country and became a leader in resistance to the Vichy regime.

      As we live in times when populist movements are outsourcing influence, capacity, and agency to authoritarian leaders who purport to be able to solve our problems, we are horrified to realize that we also have been merely following orders in the work to imagine, design, and build the fascist architecture of modern society.

  2. Sep 2021
    1. Turning a mental representation into shapes and lines on a page helped them to elucidate more fully what they already knew while revealing with ruthless rigor what they did not yet comprehend.

      The modality shift of putting ideas onto a page like this is similar to the idea behind the Feynman technique.

    1. “I never understand anything until I have written about it.” Supposedly Horace Walpole (1717-1797) wrote that, but Google can't help me pin down where he might have done so. Frankly, it doesn't sound to me like a sentence written in the eighteenth century. But it may be a useful hyperbole.

      Track down the source of this for future use.

      Related to the idea of the Feynman Technique.

    1. Another effective technique is to start your notetaking by writing a short summary of each chapter and transcribing any meaningful passages or phrases. If you are unsure how to simplify your thoughts, imagine that someone has tapped you on the shoulder and asked you to explain the chapter you just finished reading. They have never read this book and lack any idea of the subject matter. How would you explain it to them?

      The so-called Richard Feynman technique, n'cest pas?

      From whom did he crib it? Did he credit them, or was it just distilled into part of the culture?

      This is also similar to the rubber duck method of debugging a program in some sense.

  3. Jul 2021
    1. This distinction is familiar in terms of the differences be­tween being able to remember something and being able to explain it.

      This quote is similar and generally related to the Feynman Technique. (see: https://fs.blog/2021/02/feynman-learning-technique/) It's based apparently on quotes attributed to Feynman which include:

      • "I couldn't reduce it to the freshman level. That means we really don't understand it."
      • "If you can't explain it to a six year old, you don't really understand it."
  4. May 2021
    1. This approach also splits email development for modern email clients and older clients in two. You can use Safari/Chrome to test and develop modern techniques for WebKit-supported clients while using Firefox for your baseline experience for older clients like Outlook.
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  7. Oct 2020
    1. Le PageRank est une machine morale.

      est-elle aussi un agent moral? même si elle n’est qu’une «machine», elle est techniquement constituée par des valeurs, inscrites dans la technique (sa conception, sa mise en œuvre au sein d’une corporation multinationale)

  8. Sep 2020
    1. Mais un bon interprète apprendra à être assisté d’un ordinateur

      l’ordinateur et les logiciels informatiques comme outils, utilisés par l’humain, à la fois intellectuel (maniant des idées et des concepts, interprète) et technicien (maniant des outils, un savoir-faire)

  9. Jul 2020
    1. What is headhunting and how does it work? Leave a Comment / Blog<img width="600" height="312" src="https://secureservercdn.net/" class="attachment-large size-large wp-post-image" alt="What is headhunting and how does it work" itemprop="image" srcset="https://secureservercdn.net/ 600w, https://secureservercdn.net/ 300w" sizes="(max-width: 600px) 100vw, 600px" /> Contact Headhunting (also known as Executive Search) is the process of recruiting individuals to fill senior positions in organizations. Headhunters are individuals who are employed by an organization or enterprise to discover, vet, and the present reasonable possibility for a vocation position.They are recruited and appointed by an organization searching for top-notch ability and regularly work for a few organizations at a given time. It’s normal for headhunters to have some expertise in a field, for example, tech or showcasing.This permits them to filter through resumes to find the most ideal contender for an occupation speedier and all the more proficiently. This style of recruiting may be undertaken by an organisation’s board of directors, or HR executives, or by external executive recruitment representatives known as headhunters.Difference between Recruiters and Headhunters in the HR WorldRecruiters typically serve both candidates and clients fairly, while a headhunter is only interested in fulfilling their client’s brief. Recruiters actively try to match their existing pool of candidates to the vacant roles, sometimes regardless of sector or specific talent requirements.Headhunters would instead focus on the role first and then scout for the right candidate for their client. In the headhunting industry, specific industry knowledge of a client’s target market is far more important than in traditional recruitment. As such, headhunters are much more likely to specialize in one industry sector or sub-sector.Both recruiters and headhunters can be successful in matching candidates to jobs. Employers need to choose the best method for recruiting based on the desired result. If an employer has a hard-to-fill vacancy at a high level, or their ideal candidate is currently employed by someone else and may not actively be looking for a change, hiring a headhunter might be the best option.What are the Qualities of a Good Headhunter?Deep understanding of individual industries and job specs;The ability to spot emerging talent;Good at analyzing job profiles and identifying skills in others;Great people skills;Passion, drive, and persistence.By ethicalness of their forceful systems administration and relationship building abilities, talent headhunters today have made a specialty for themselves and are regularly looked for after.The Future of HeadhuntingIt relies upon whom you ask and, perhaps more critically, what level of official you need to enroll. On one hand are the individuals who contend that the Internet and different developments are changing the present headhunting firms and enlistment methodologies.Web vocation refers to, for example, Monster.com is moving into the official market, taking steps to contend with old-style talent scouts in a worthwhile market. High-potential up-and-comers are found, followed, and observed as they travel through their professions in different organizations.At the point when all is good and well, these individuals are offered a job. It’s difficult to contend that these patterns are not affecting official enlistment, however, it might likewise be untimely to suggest that most first-rate worldwide administrators are out of nowhere going to put their resumes on the web or permit their aptitudes to be assessed by programming.Head Hunter Can Do For CompanyHead hunting is not just about getting the top performer from another company, it is also about hunting for people with a specific set of talents to work for them.Talent skills that are not being recognized by the company that you are working with right now and another company might see a valuable potential in you. People all over the world are stuck in the situation that they are being underutilized and because of the fact that they are being underutilized and their talents are not being channeled effectively.The whole point of a resume and the list of talents is for it to get the air space that it needs. Companies who are interested in one thing, and is to get the best talents and the employees with the most potential. Usually, the headhunter will be employed to find individuals from competitor companies, poaching the top industry talent and in doing so, giving their clients a competitive advantage over one of their rivals.Within financial services, the very best employees can often help to generate millions of pounds in profits for a company.Although each person working within an executive headhunting team is needed for its success, generally speaking, the business development person receives the largest commission, while the researcher receives the smallest.Potential job candidates are selected, scrutinised for quality and put forward to the client by the headhunting firm based on a meticulous study of the job description and job specification, which would have been developed in conjunction with the client.It is common for potential candidates to be contacted directly by phone, often as a result of a recommendation from someone inside the existing network.Headhunting firms are focused on identifying quality candidates and work hard to continually update their list of contacts so, when required, they will be ready to start recruiting immediately.Talented candidates are also discovered through intense research. This might mean identifying and then contacting targeted people in specific companies who appear to fit the job profile in some logical manner.They will also use social media, such as LinkedIn, to identify candidates that have been successful in their field.Sometimes headhunters hear about potential candidates via referrals. Some of the best candidate referrals can come from individuals who would be ideal for the job themselves but are not interested in applying themselves.

      Headhunting is the process of recruiting individuals who are industry experts to fill senior positions in organizations. In this article, you will find how HR help business in Headhunting

  10. Jun 2020
    1. Effective Headhunting Techniques for Hiring Leave a Comment / Blog Contact Headhunters are individuals who are employed by an organization or enterprise to discover, vet, and present reasonable possibility for a vocation position. The headhunter’s main responsibility is to guarantee the competitor has the right range of abilities for a position and they’re frequently recruited to discover possibilities that have a one of a kind or elusive range of abilities. When in doubt, headhunters are self-employed entities or workers of an enlisting organization. They are recruited and appointed by an organization searching for top notch ability and regularly work for a few organizations at a given time. It’s normal for headhunters to have some expertise in a field, for example, tech or showcasing. Headhunting recruitment permits them to filter through resumes to find the most ideal contender for an occupation speedier and all the more proficiently. At the point when your organization needs new ability, the initial step is to begin selecting exceptionally qualified possibility for the activity. At the point when you realize how to isolate the quality goods from the refuse, it’s simpler to locate the ideal contender for your organization. Sadly, this can now and then be actually quite difficult. By what method can your specialty prevail with regards to finding the most ideal contender for your organization’s vacant positions? Here’s your bit by bit control. You can push all the extraordinary sets of expectations you need, it despite everything won’t get your image the perfect applicant except if your area of expertise knows how to scout. While trusting that up-and-comers will apply is detached, scouting is a functioning procedure that gives your group a superior possibility of finding the ideal contender for your activity. At the point when you figure out how to scout the correct way, finding the most qualified competitors is simpler than any time in recent memory. Here are five hints to help your area of expertise scout the best applicant. Have HR Gotten the Message Out With Workers To discover profoundly qualified contenders for your activity, start by tapping your current representative system. To do this, have your area of expertise spread some verbal data about the position that is open, the sort of up-and-comers you’re searching for, and the necessities for the post. With any karma, your worker system will impart the news to their certified companions with your area of expertise, which serves to bring you preferable ability over you could have in any case gotten to. On the off chance that you’d prefer to make this a stride further, think about posting updates on your accessible opening via web-based networking media. This makes it simple for your current representatives to impart the post to their certified loved ones. Your area of expertise ought to likewise make posts on LinkedIn and Twitter or head to a public exhibition, where your workers can get the message out of your situation to passers-by. Send Representatives into Your Trade Groups To enhance your scouting procedure, urge your HR division to scour the exchange bunches you take an interest in. Since you’ve just got these associations, presently is an excellent opportunity to benefit as much as possible from them. To begin, plan a portrayal of your activity and send it out to chiefs, thought pioneers and industry heads in your specialty. You may likewise decide to utilize phone systems administration to get the message out about your accessible position and get individuals intrigued. While organizing everywhere is a keen method to draw in more contender to your position, organizing inside your trade groups is exceptionally focused on method of arriving at new up-and-comers. Since trade groups draw in a quite certain gathering of individuals, they’re extraordinary spots to search for applicants with exceptional aptitudes or interests. This, thus, chops down the time you’ll spend scouting and guarantees you’ll locate a superior applicant quicker and simpler. Optimize Your Site Your site is your biggest resource, so why not use it to get the message out about your vacant position? In the event that you don’t have a Careers page, your area of expertise should work with the organization’s tech or IT group to make one at this point. In the event that you do have a Careers page, be certain it includes a compact, elegantly composed set of working responsibilities that will interest possible competitors. Recollect that there are many dry, slow sets of expectations out there, which implies you’ll do well to make yours drawing in and captivating – consider recruiting proficient journalists in the event that you need help. The more you can make your set of working responsibilities energizing, the almost certain it is you’ll draw in all around qualified, drew in, intrigued up-and-comers who will smooth out your scouting procedure and make it simpler to fill your vacant position a lot quicker. Catch Up With Intrigued Leads In the event that you have leads intrigued by your task, make certain to catch up with them in like manner. Keeping in touch with the leads who contact your organization about an occupation is a brilliant method to prop the energy up and guarantee these gifted candidates consider your to be as a drew in and dynamic business. While there are many approaches to stay in contact with intrigued up-and-comers, probably the most practical are welcoming possibility to buy into a bulletin, lining up after a meeting with email, and making a pre-programmed message that thanks intrigued contender for their applications. Guaranteeing your area of expertise is dynamic about getting the telephone and calling up-and-comers can help, too. Take advantage of Innovation There are many approaches to enroll new applicants utilizing the web. Notwithstanding making posts via web-based networking media, it’s anything but difficult to utilize the web to post positions on proficient scouting locales, merchant destinations and arranged advertisement locales. The web likewise gives a direct and smoothed out approach to check the viability of your post. In case you’re not getting the candidates you need, consider changing your methodology likewise. At the point when you outfit innovation in your scouting, it’s simpler to arrive at a more extensive choice of up-and-comers, guarantee your activity posting mirrors the quality and commitment of your organization and win yourself a situation among the positions of the most wanted managers. Being Conceivable This is a key point. When directing an official pursuit, high-esteem applicants don’t need their time squandered with theoretical openings for work. On the off chance that the selection representative doesn’t accept that the up-and-comer they’re reaching is directly for the job, in what capacity will the applicant ever trust it themselves? As selection representatives, we make it understood to every competitor we approach that they are an ideal fit. Furthermore, this isn’t simply a mystery. In light of our examination, we realize that each individual we converse with is an ideal choice for the activity. Advocating Straightforwardness We’ve all run over employments that look excessively great to be valid. This absence of genuineness, shockingly, prompts numerous up-and-comers being suspicious about jobs they’re advertised. Talent scouts get this, which is the reason they champion straightforwardness. It bodes well. You wouldn’t have any desire to be told about work that sounded intriguing however was totally unique when you discovered increasingly about it, okay? Since talent scouts are specialists in your industry, they are well prepared to introduce openings for work obviously and answer any inquiries precisely. This gives the competitor certainty and guarantees the enrollment procedure is a smooth one.

      Headhunting is a practice that involves prospecting a candidate for a specific position. using effective Headhunting techniques the hiring becomes effective.

    1. façonné le monde numérique à leur image

      La maîtrise de la technique permet d’agir sur le monde. Les maîtres de la technique sont à même de pouvoir sculpter le monde (les structures sociales, les marchés, voire les institutions politiques…)

  11. May 2020
    1. sans les contraintes d’une base de données

      Là où les piles «traditionnelles» (Wordpress, Drupal, etc.) délèguent le contenu à un tiers (une base de données, telle que MySQL), les générateurs de site statique proposent d’abstraire cette fonctionnalité à même le système de publication, sans avoir à installer un logiciel supplémentaire.

      Le paradigme des fichiers en plein texte comme source de contenu m’apparaît fondamental: là où une base de données virtualise les informations, le fichier texte nativement utilisable dans n’importe quel système d’exploitation (on peut copier/coller un fichier ou un répertoire dans une interface visuelle comme l’explorateur Windows ou le Finder de MacOS, ou encore via une interface en ligne de commande).

      Comme tu le soulignes, la structuration des contenus est ainsi plus facile à manipuler. Elle dépend beaucoup moins du logiciel utilisé (bien que chaque système comporte ses petites règles de formatage, comme les clés YAML/TOML/JSON).

      C’est ce très bas niveau d’abstraction (que tentent paradoxalement de simuler des logiciels de haut niveau comme Wordpress ou Microsoft Word, paraboles techniques que Ted Nelson qualifie d’extrêmement pernicieuses).

  12. Apr 2020
    1. produire de nouvelles cultures techniques

      la low-tech aurait donc plus à voir avec une «culture technique» que les objets techniques eux-mêmes; avec une intellectualisation de la technique plutôt qu’à son objectification.

    2. la destruction de savoirs techniques permettait aussi de faire disparaître certains pratiques sociales, religieuses et culturelles

      technique et culture (au sens de l’identité d’un peuple) sont donc inextricablement liées

    3. l’aliénation d’ouvriers à des machines n’est pas lié à la machine elle-même, mais au fait que l’on dissimule son mode de fonctionnement à l’ouvrier

      la machine est traitée comme une fin; l'ouvrier n'est traité que comme moyen (il faudrait que ce soit le contraire: les vies humaines sont la fin, et les machines ne sont que les moyens).

    4. ce n’est pas la “technique” en elle-même qui “déshumanise”2, mais la façon dont on crée des objets et des dispositifs techniques
  13. Mar 2020
    1. Qui peut m’aider si j’ai un problème technique ? Il est possible de solliciter l’aide des professeurs référents pour les usages du numérique. S’il s’agit de problèmes plus techniques, il faut se rapprocher de l’équipe de direction qui saura faire appel aux services compétents. En effet, dans chaque académie, un dispositif d’assistance et de conseil est mis à disposition. Cette cellule académique peut elle-même s’appuyer sur une cellule nationale.
  14. Nov 2019
    1. Il prescrivait de tailler des planchettes dans le fil du bois, afin qu’interposées entre la maçonnerie et les poutres qui s’y appuient, elles empêchassent l’humidité de s’élever dans les fibres, et bue, de les pourrir.

      Description fine de la technique : une telle prévoyance ne peut se réaliser sans le savoir-faire de la technique!

      À l’école du Bauhaus, tous les étudiants de « design » apprenaient d’abord en maniant les matériaux (bois, verre, métal…); on ne pouvait concevoir un projet sans une connaissance technique, un savoir-faire nécessaire!


    1. Les formats sont le plus souvent invisibles : nos actions suffisent en général à mobiliser ceux qui nous servent. Ils sont en fait trop souvent invisibles : le choix est fait « à notre insu », sans qu’aient toujours été pesées les contraintes à respecter en fonction de l’usage à faire du document en question, maintenant et plus tard.

      Le « pacte d'écriture » entre l'écrivain et de son format : le format impose des conditions d'écritures, « à l'insu » de l'utilisateur, dont les choix sont imposés par la technique (le format, les créateurs du format).

  15. Oct 2019
    1. pen

      Or, "with pen that has no ink." Gregory puns on the meaning of μέλαν, which could mean either "ink" or "stain."

    2. Νήπιος, ὅστις ἄνακτα

      Note the repetition of both first half lines 1–2 in lines 3–4.

  16. Sep 2019
    1. tout a déjà été dit et tout a déjà été pensé

      faux, tout n'a pas encore été fait ni dit, car la technique (entendre : technologie) avance et remodèle constamment notre rapport au monde, à la connaissance.

    2. gestes philosophiques

      les «conditions matérielles» de production de la pensée ne sont autre chose que la technique, que les sciences du design (ou philosophie du design) ont pour objet d'étude.

      La technique est en soi un «geste philosophique»; la technique en soi possède un contenu de connaissance qui est intégré à elle; autrement dit, la technique, c'est de la connaissance (un «produit du savoir»).

  17. Sep 2018
  18. Sep 2017
    1. Elizabeth, as we have seen, understands marriage as progressive, parallel to and inextricable from internal growth; Charlotte, by contrast, regards her internal narrative of growth and her social life as a single and then married woman as two separate strands: people are as likely to grow apart as grow together

      Moe reiterates her main argument towards the end of her article to pick up momentum and emphasize her thoughts.

  19. Oct 2013
    1. The second is how to set these facts out in language.

      organization and arrangement, placing of emphasis, us of technique to derive desired affect