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    1. my point is that using "into" in such a case is just as incorrect as using "inas" would be. The fact that people make mistakes doesn't change this.

      "Log in" is the only correct way to spell the verb, and the only way to be consistent with 1000s of other phrasal verbs that are spelled with a space in them.

      We don't need nor want an exception to the general rule just for "login" just because so many people have made that mistake.

    2. I'm increasingly seeing 'login' used as a verb. And to be honest, once it's normalised it will be the correct form.
    3. In a sentence like Log in as "admin", you'd never write "*inas" as one word. Same thing with "in" and "to" when they just happen to end up next to each other in a sentence.
    4. That sounds like a pretty prescriptive attitude towards the language.
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    1. There are four types of disciples: Quick to comprehend, and quick to forget: his gain disappears in his loss; Slow to comprehend, and slow to forget: his loss disappears in his gain; Quick to comprehend, and slow to forget: he is a wise man; Slow to comprehend, and quick to forget, this is an evil portion.
    2. There are four kinds of temperments:Easy to become angry, and easy to be appeased: his gain disappears in his loss; Hard to become angry, and hard to be appeased: his loss disappears in his gain; Hard to become angry and easy to be appeased: a pious person; Easy to become angry and hard to be appeased: a wicked person.
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    1. Beware lest ye contend with anyone, nay, strive to make him aware of the truth with kindly manner and most convincing exhortation. If your hearer respond, he will have responded to his own behoof, and if not, turn ye away from him, and set your faces towards God’s sacred Court, the seat of resplendent holiness.
  13. Oct 2018
    1. you know so fully in your memory all the individual deeds of the Trojans done through battle

      Great respect for Jewish historical knowledge and writing. Thinking of Josephus here?

  14. Sep 2018
    1. most wretched of sorrows to the Jews, men accursed, most despised of fates, for they could not turn it away for the world


    2. Judas lofted up a word, revealing his courage, and he spoke in Hebrew:

      Judas's prayer in Hebrew. Invokes Scripture: creation, fall of angels

    3. he was named Judas by his kinsmen— him they gave unto the queen,

      Quick to turn over Judas!

    4. than

      imagery: stiff, stony

    5. Stephen

      Stephen is Judas's brother Family set apart from other Jews How OLD is Judas??

    6. How

      Explanation of majority choice; Sachius demurred

    7. Judas

      Judas already knows what they've done wrong—and remains obstinate because admitting will mark the end of Jewish power

    8. We do not readily know so far why you are severely wrathful with us, lady. We know not what sin that we have performed in this folk-share, nor any great evil we have made against you.”

      Read sympathetically?

    9. you had opposed the Righteous One, rejecting the Radiant Shaper of us all, the Lord of Lords, and persisting in error
    10. wisdom

      Condemns Jews generally here & following

    1. The least important question you can ask about Engelbart is, "What did he build?" By asking that question, you put yourself in a position to admire him, to stand in awe of his achievements, to worship him as a hero. But worship isn't useful to anyone. Not you, not him. The most important question you can ask about Engelbart is, "What world was he trying to create?" By asking that question, you put yourself in a position to create that world yourself.

      That's a really empowering conclusion, I'm happy that he's vetting that point of view as I've trying to articulate it for myself for a long time now.

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    1. proper

      I feel that there needs to be a difference between proper and appropriate. I feel that proper tends to be a more general tone where as an appropriate tone would match your setting and audience.

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    1. bad attitude

      Wow, that's judgemental. The "bad" attitude could be because many OER people don't like "walled gardens" where only those with money or membership get to learn.

  19. Nov 2015
    1. If at the end of the day you say you are feeling bad, you should in the same breath be able to acknowledge that you have had a very good day, since the Universe has unfolded Itself with Absolute Perfection—regardless of how you feel. The trick is in where the emphasis is being laid. You can be aware of how you may feel, but it is what you Know about the Nature of the Universe and your Being which should get the emphasis. That should be what you base your interpretation or understanding of things upon. It doesn’t really matter whether you feel good or bad. It really doesn’t.

      This offers guidance on how to view the journey - not from a space of right or wrong but from what you know about the nature of the universe and your Being.