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  1. Jul 2023
    1. Ryberg et al. (2018) explicitly looked into the choice of sharing principles (also referred to as allocation principles or distributive principles in other literature).
      • Definition
        • sharing principles
          • synonyms
            • allocation principles
            • distributive principles
  2. May 2023
    1. The policy provides a simple test of an RA’s competence: the ability to make a DOI Kernel Declaration, which requires that the RA has an internal system which can support the unambiguous allocation of a DOI name, and is fundamentally sound enough to support interoperability within the network.

      {Competence} {Unambiguous Allocation}

  3. Feb 2023
    1. La mise en place d’une telle « allocation d’autonomie » est défendue en France91 depuis la Charte de Grenoble de 1946 par des organisations comme l’Union nationale des étudiants de France, mais n’a jamais été réalisée. La mesure a failli être adoptée en 1951, alors que « la commission de l’Éducation nationale de l’Assemblée nationale avait ainsi adopté à l’unanimité le rapport Cayol en faveur d’une rémunération étudiante92 ». Le refus d’adopter la mesure en France s’expliquerait notamment par l’influence croissante de la théorie du capital humain néolibérale qui présente l’étudiant·e comme un investisseur en lui-même93. Le salariat étudiant était encore revendiqué en 2018 en France (ainsi qu’au Québec par les Comités unitaires sur le travail étudiant94) et l’idée a été notamment reprise par le candidat présidentiel Jean-Luc Mélenchon à la suite de l’immolation d’un étudiant pour cause de précarité (celui-ci avait écrit un texte revendiquant le salariat étudiant avant de poser son geste). Mélenchon proposait dans sa plateforme une allocation de 800 euros par mois95.
  4. Aug 2022
  5. Nov 2021
    1. Or the PIs who enjoy and excel at raising funds can do so and even re-deploy it to the right scientists, akin to founders who become angel investors and venture capitalists.

      Sounds like a Self-Organized Funding Allocation (SOFA): https://www.ecologyandsociety.org/vol24/iss3/art29/

  6. Oct 2021
    1. Sun, W., Liu, Y., Amanat, F., González-Domínguez, I., McCroskery, S., Slamanig, S., Coughlan, L., Rosado, V., Lemus, N., Jangra, S., Rathnasinghe, R., Schotsaert, M., Martinez, J. L., Sano, K., Mena, I., Innis, B. L., Wirachwong, P., Thai, D. H., Oliveira, R. D. N., … Palese, P. (2021). A Newcastle disease virus expressing a stabilized spike protein of SARS-CoV-2 induces protective immune responses. Nature Communications, 12(1), 6197. https://doi.org/10.1038/s41467-021-26499-y

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  9. Jan 2021
    1. Benjy Renton. (2020, December 5). Launching a new dashboard to track local news reports and state press releases on how many vaccine doses will be allocated to each state, since there seems to be no public federal effort. Browse each state’s allocations and a map of doses per capita. Https://t.co/CUP2W2ph7X [Tweet]. @bhrenton. https://twitter.com/bhrenton/status/1335306082693083137

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    1. Having made these points many times in the last few years, I've realized that the fundamental problem is in the mistaken belief that the type system has anything whatsoever to do with the storage allocation strategy. It is simply false that the choice of whether to use the stack or the heap has anything fundamentally to do with the type of the thing being stored. The truth is: the choice of allocation mechanism has to do only with the known required lifetime of the storage.

      The type system has nothing to do with the storage allocation strategy; the choice of allocation mechanism has to do only with the known required lifetime of the storage.

    1. If we’re in that situation when new memory is allocated then the “high water mark” is bumped up, eating up some of the previously “free” portion of the block. The newly-reserved memory is then usable for the reference type instance that has just been allocated. That is extremely cheap; just a single pointer move, plus zeroing out the newly reserved memory if necessary.